Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Give Peace A Chance!!!

Hey Guys! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So any special plans for Christmas? Bet you have! But I'm stuck in my house with fever and even missed my University Convocation, something I have been regularly visiting for two years. I didn't even remember they had the Convocation every Christmas Eve,but then to be honest I never remember it...only when the NSS officials poke for volunteering do I remember it......

But why am I so happy about Christmas this year? All bubbly and bright! Like a Christmas light? (Hey that rhymed!)

May be it has something to do with some of those 16 Christmas articles I did in November. Phew! Guess the hangover has just started. Tomorrow is Christmas Day. And I have nothing to do.... Well, may be sleep, eat and do the rounds of the computer for a while. For that's all I am doing for now!

But so much has happened for in these few days.... Mumbai blasts and a fight between two of the parties of our state government. And do you know why there was a fight? The fight took place because one party refused to give government buses for another party's meeting.... Hilarious! I even forgot what the names of those two parties were. Anyways, Mumbai blasts were a sad cause. And outrageous too. Its high time we show these terrorists (or a particular nation, whatever) what we can do. But I believe, war is not a solution. War was never a solution. We should inject these snakes with their own poison. Anyways, I won't talk more about poison in this festive season.

Let's just hope that Christmas is able to put a balm on the wound of November 26 Mumbai. This wound that left a big mark on India's body can only be overcome if we spend the festivities together. This Christmas, let's all spare a thought for the victims of Mumbai blasts. Let's all light a candle or mourn for them awhile during our festivities. The brave officers who died while saving our country, innocent civilians who had nothing to do with heavy politics or terrorists' resolutions and who died without even knowing why, let us all spare a thought to them. And let's hope that the festive spirit of Christmas will be able to heal the wounds of our nation which has been ravaged by terrorist strikes this year.

This New Year, let's give peace a chance.

Have a very Romantic Christmas!!!