Friday, September 27, 2013


It should be a crime to be so genial
And touch mountains high
It should be a crime to be so gentle
To shine as the bright blue sky.

You are a ray of warm sunshine
Gloomy days shy away from you
Burning so brightly,
You enchant all around you.

You smile and the world goes round
Your talk makes the rain sounds sweet
Your voice is like a string of pearls
Playfully creating their own harmony.

Now look what your charm did
Playfully nibbling away my thoughts
Been thinking of you all this while
And wrote a silly poem.

Don't lose your optimism ever
Don't ever lose your shine
You see, your light inspires millions
And you, my friend are pretty fine.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gurgaon Chronicles

With gleaming yellow eyes, the rat took a step back and brought out his sword. Those devilish eyes squeaked as I recognized a faint smile lurking behind his moustache. I closed my eyes in horror. Darkness.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the floor and the little rodent was staring at me, the same squeaky eyes smiling evilly. Unable to breathe, I closed my eyes again.

The morning after, my head felt heavy. As I got up dreamily, realisation struck; Rats! My PG was full of them. Now I love animals, but to have them licking my food is the last thing I want.

I have been in Gurgaon for roughly 3 weeks now. I still remember the first day I got down on Delhi station, with no idea or clue whatsoever, no hotel or PG, standing amidst a sea of porters and cab drivers, each shouting at the top of his voice. My knowledge of Delhi was based on the news the media presented; most of which revolved around the fact that it wasn't a safe place for women. 

I took a cab to the nearest hotel, kept the luggage and took a Mega Cab to the jungles of Gurgaon. The first time, it was eerie and I was awestruck. After the somewhat lengthy journey, met a PG person who showed me PG rooms for 2 full hours before telling me that they were all full. Then after explaining to him, that I was, in fact looking for a 'vacant' room, I finally got one. 

Cut to PG problems. 

Washroom woes added to an arrogant PG owner and to add to that, I saw a rat playing hide and seek under my tiffin box. But it's been interesting till now.

Met a lot of wonderful people (yes in Gurgaon, imagine that!), saw a big monkey (yay!), made friends, met some stuck-ups, a lot of helpful people and it's all been one exciting adventure till now. 

I guess, you never realise your full worth until you start living alone, solely on your capabilities. And I have surprised myself. I like that.

There's still a lot to do, a lot more to learn but if there is one thing I have realised in these past few weeks, it's this: I'm awesome.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Oh Lord of the Land with your arrogant belly
You are no better than the bed bugs silly.
Greedily feeding on my toiling blood
Like a parasite, you suck and suck.

You'll get a taste of your medicine, loon
Justice will be meted to you pretty soon!
You will die a dog's death
Burst by shrapnel, torn to shreds.

Your family will be forced to beg
In hell, you will weep and crave
The same craving that I have now
To get out of the hell you bestow

Mark my words, you filthy little man
My wrath curses you, see what it can!

Monday, September 16, 2013

When you're not here

This world dies a little when you're not here Flowers cry a little when you're not here The sun's mood darkens a tad little. The office becomes gloomy, a tad little. Eyebrows depress, a tad little Monotony drags time, little by little Ideas get lost, in a mess little This office feels lonely, a tad little. The stairwell gets dizzy, the elevators limp The yellow ceiling light becomes a tad bit dim So you see, it all becomes very very grim. This place misses your big wide grin. So come back, my dear, my funny quirky man. We'll make rainbows and play, as much as we can.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Frog who wanted to Fly


The leaves were dark wet green
The water was light wet green
As his mates pranced in the rain
Crock the Frog was barely keeping clean.

Tumbling rains, relentless thunder
Crock was being torn asunder
He longed for dry warm land
Instead, all he got was a swamp.

His dream made his mates laugh
“Did you forget you were just a frog?
Ain’t no such thing as dry land,
This is our life- this old swamp!”

And so the water poured in realms
And as Crock was lost in dreams
Something soft, something silky
Poked his wet hind limbs.

Dazed he opened his eye
And to his surprise, saw a Dragonfly
Her soft wings were wounded
And she was terribly frightened.
But before he could say anything to her
His friend, Droopy called from afar.

“Mate you seen a hurt fly?
I had my tongue on its thigh
But that darn thing vanished in the night.”

“Crock looked at the injured being
“It’s not here”, hoarsely he cried
Those silent eyes stared at him
And suddenly his heart beat inside.

Thus began the best of days
He nursed her wounds and guarded the ways
Before soon she was able to speak
And he heard her lovely squeak.

“Thank you,” she gratefully smiled
But he was lost in her big black eyes
Not seeing him reply, she nervously smiled
And softly mumbled, “You are kind.”
“You are beautiful”, he suddenly blurted.
And for the first time, those black eyes trembled.

Diane the dragonfly was a free spirit
Up and away as she flew
A thousand brutal things she saw
But in this world of fly-eat-fly
This grounded frog was a pleasant surprise.

And so began an unusual story
Full of love, in this world of gory
Different beings, united by feeling.
Belief, hope, dream
Made their ghetto gleam.

Diane hummed stories of distant lands
Where trees touched skies
Orange sun colored the days
And stars whispered at nights.

Crock listened in wonder
His awe astonished her
Soon his mind began to wander
He longed to escape the swamp.

The time came for the swamp’s Platinum Anniversary.
The day when Crock’s ancestors had found this land
Crock made a plan
To escape with Diane.

Now there were eyes in the camp.
Eyes that upheld order and maintained law
Eyes that stabbed questions
Eyes that saw.

Love with an outcast!
How preposterous, how foolish!
Clearly Crock was leaping overboard
A frog’s place was in his well.
When would he understand?

They had hoped Crock’s instincts would kick in
Flies are not meant to be kissed but eaten
But since that didn’t work
It was time for a lesson.

It was a time of festivity and cheer
The Platinum Celebrations marked the year
And as Crock and Diane overcame their fear
They got ready to leave the marsh.

She could not fly past them
So he would carry her in his mouth
And as soon as they were out of sight
She would lead their new life.

It was the night of full moon.
The swamp was illuminated
Frogs were feasting everywhere
On algae salad, weed, spider caviar.

Quietly Crock slipped out
Quietly to the other side he hopped.
The moon smiled, his heart jumped.
The stars shone, his bones thumped.

Finally they reached the other side
“Thank heavens”, Diane flew outside
“I am out of the damp dark cold
I pray I am never stuck in mold!”

“Prey, you say?” A heavy voice grated.
Turning they saw to their horror
The fat community heads seated.
Too lazy to hunt
They made policies all day.
And when they tired of making laws
They lashed their tongues at each other’s jaws.
And when that tired them out
They ate delicacies by poor frogs.

Before Crock could do anything
One of these tongues shot onto Diane
And gulped her down unceremoniously.
Not a chance to scream or cry
To run or to fly.
Crock stared in disbelief
As the old fat toad chewed indifferently.
“One day you will thank us”, said the vermin
“Now let the celebrations begin!”

It was midnight now; the crickets chirped.
Glow worm lighted the bushes
The moon was a delightful sight
As Crock stared into the night.
Too puzzled to believe
Too shocked to think
Too mutilated inside
Crock’s tears had dried.

And the Earth rotated again
The moon fell asleep
The stars went indoors
It was time for some heavy rain.

An Ode to Bed Bugs

Oh ye bug, with your belly fat red
What a unique creature God doth make!
Together with your limbs so thin
You make a formidable Gregor Samsa twin.

No amount of insecticides or pest control
Can cure houses of your cruel rule
Like a spy under Her Majesty's Service
You work undercover in nooks and crevice.

Poor mortals, we, revolt and fear
Until to your laws we finally adhere.
You lead an army of thousands
Like brave Leonidas, the stuff of legends.

No barrier, no obstacle too big
Bug, you continue to bug and bite
Desperate hence, I write this ode
Bug, leave me alone in my humble abode.

For You

Your face is a shining beacon of light Your smile, pure dewdrops of night Your cuteness makes my day Just for you, I wanna stay.
Storm, fire, or lightning I'd come to office everyday Oh I wish I could stay! You see, your face brightens my day.
Your smirk, your pranks Encouraging people to take a chance Brave you are, mischievous too. Inspiring minds, with just a glance.
And though you & I could never be No, not even if you were single. You make my days happy. And continue to positively enliven me.
So thank you, once and for all, For all that you are, and more.