Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Midnight Dreams

When the streetlamps sleep and nights get dark 
When the gong strikes 12 above the deserted park
When the stars get drunk and the dogs bark
Something beckons my wild wild heart.

A higher calling, some thoughtful prism?
Nay, just a primal levity of passion  
Panting and persuasion kept aside
Seem frivolous to the enlightened mind.

Alas, the body-brains, both 2 odds
One fickle, one foreseeing, both big frauds 
And no amount of subtle expression
Can shed that smirk of indiscretion.

Carefree as the wave
Boundless as the wind
The mind tries to rationalise
While the body gleefully grins

Nature calls; Wolves cry
God's humour, oh so wry.
Sighs cease, the pangs ease
While the blue bed cloth notes a crease

And as the cloud passes over the moon
The day dawns near, pretty soon.