Thursday, September 18, 2008

Awful Day at College 2

And to top it all, students who only got average marking are getting more than I got. And I am staring ......... What to do? Is it just a bad patch which will go off or am I taking a turn for the worse??? And one more thing, why am I so easily perturbed? What will I do in my life if small things begin to annoy me so much.............. God Help me!

Awful Day at College

Today's test was awful! AWFUL! AWFUL!AWFUL!AWFUL!AWFUL!AWFUL!AWFUL!AWFUL! Why didn't I study,even though I had the opportunity to? Oh Yeah,right! I was worried about a misunderstanding which was no fault of mine... Why do I care so much about what people think? Why can't I just let them go to hell???? Why,what care I? Irritating! Anyways the test wasn't really very difficult, but to begin with , I lost concentration in the beginning. For about 5 minutes , I was staring into my question paper thinking of something else- thinking of the disturbance. Then, I looked at my watch and lo! I came back to my senses. What was I doing? I never lost concentration like this in an exam before! Anyways, what has happened has happened. But I still can't let the matter go..... Something's itching at the back of my mind. What will I do in my later life if this is the way I am behaving now? Why do I care so much about people? Why?Why?Why?
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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Just saw the movie Vacancy.I don't know how to put it-I've watched a horror film after long. May be because it was after so long that I watched a movie that I liked it. Or may be it was the movie itself. Don't know. This movie was different from conventional horror movies like I know what you did Last Summer

In conventional horror movies, an unknown killer chases out innocent people to die. In this movie however, the killer is revealed at the very beginning. This spoils the fun for 'unknown murderer-chasing-innocent people' loving freaks like me. We even get a hint as to why the Manager with his group of bloodthirsty masked men kill innocent couples who choose to register at his motel. They record the murders and every painful moment leading up to death, make DVDs of these murders and then sell them. Now I thought,what kind of weirdo would like to watch such gruesome details? Oh that's right! Me. But frankly speaking, I'd rather love to see a man face his death and come out of it, Alive and conquering his fear rather than succumb to it and die. Movies where the main protagonist(s) dies hold no charm as they carry no message.

But Vacancy breaks certain boundaries in conventional movie making theories. Like in most movies, the hero is the all-in-all and comforts the heroine. Here the hero tries to be all-in-all but fails. He is stabbed. Right before that, he promises to the heroine that they will "get over this". Now when a hero promises something like this,we,the viewers are kind of relieved. But Vacancy breaks such conventional models. This film is a well made film and a lot of people might like it. I am divided on the opinion. I like conventional horror movies more. But for the rest of you who are not afraid to experiment, this sure is one movie you should watch out for.

Until next summer: Good bye!

Friday, September 12, 2008

An interesting day at College

Today was a hard day. Well,not quite. Rather today was an interesting day. One of my classmates punched his bare hand into the door where it was glass. Out came the glass with his bleeding hand. Hhmmm......... Warm blooded creatures. I don't want to sound offensive but what kind of an idiot does that? Well...none of my business and in case any of my classmates are reading.. Don't mind my being rude.. But I have no sympathy for such attention grabbing freaks. My dear classmates- his friends rushed him to hospital and ofcourse reprimanded him appropriately. Then my teacher came and seeing no one around, she scolded us for not attending the class!!! After that followed a discussion on should we or shouldn't we have told her that my classmates had taken the wounded boy to the hospital.... Ah Lord! The discussions people pursue!!! So that was it... Oh and I forgot.... In the middle of all this we had our exam. It was HORRIBLE! My learned friends however think I am some kind of a magician.. I hold my wand and out come the marks. You can well imagine my plight. I was not inclined to studyand couldn't even do so at the library because of one of my classmates who wouldn't stop talking! Then when I was crossing the road , I took some desperate crossings. A taxi halted abruptly, A rickshaw driver gave me a "look", and a cyclist asked me whether I couldn't see where I was going... In the last two cases, it was their fault ofcourse, only the first one was my fault. So ladies and gentlemen, you see my plight... I am living in a mad,mad world... Next time more updates.. Till then Chao!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Return

Well I am sitting down to write my Blog after about 2 years. I went lazy and also did not find the time to write. But now, one person's views on sumthing has inspired me to continue my writing. So here I am , with my stray thoughts and silent views. As of now, no comments....... But soon, hopefully, I'll hav sumthing to say.......... Till then, Bye!