Friday, April 04, 2014

A4 Briefs

Strewn about words
A4 briefs.
Unkempt, uneasy
Gasping for a little space,
A little grammar.

Impersonal black font,
The words gasp for breath.
As the briefs compete for space
On my stacked desk.

Small words come to life
On the backs of those briefs.
Poetry breathes
In this inane mundane world.

Giving me space
To breathe a little.

Loving in Oblivion

Seems like yesterday
I was a kid growing up.
I said 'I love you' hoping against hope.
And you said nicely, 'Thank you'.

Through the tears I laughed.
You were funny alright.
And I had thought we'd be just fine.
Damn free will, I smiled.
What had I hoped for, after all?

Then my best friend, my confidant
Fled up the farthest wall,
When I told him it made me jealous
That he got involved with another girl.

Other men I have liked, 
But dared not express.
My affection comes off as rudeness
As I die to escape.
Their gaze.
Their presence.
Their very touch.
The sound of their voice.

It just gets lonely here sometimes.
Lonely and terribly cold.
I hope I don't stumble into the darkness,
I have worked so hard to be free from.
Because the darkness, it unleashes
The demon I shelter inside.