Monday, January 24, 2011

Touch- The Second Coming

All was forgiven and forgotten. Now as he stood near her with loving gaze, she realized how much she had loved him, missed him. The room was dark. Scattered rays of sun came through the only window in the room. She was standing next to it. He was standing behind her. Suddenly he touched her hand. She shivered. His contact with her. The first time. She closed her eyes. He was with her. She could feel his smile on her face. His sweet smile. The one that had made her heart go awry. She could feel him closer. His breath fell heavily on her neck. The soft neck. Slowly she felt a kiss on the neck. A soft kiss. She trembled. She couldn't believe he was kissing her. All that time, the first time, when he had hurt her, rejected her love, all was gone. He was with her now. Forever. She smiled.

She took his hand and kissed. She didn't want him to leave. Ever. She opened her eyes, looked at his hand, kissed it again. He slowly turned her towards him. She looked up at him. He was smiling."I..I can't believe you are back."

"Back..When did I leave?" He spoke in his honey sweet voice.

"I hated me. I can't believe that you are with" She mumbled. Expressing herself had always been difficult.

"Shhh.." He pulled her closer to him. "I never hated you. But yes, I do think you are stubborn, crazy and basically..just plain weird." He gave her a naughty wink.

"Oh really?" Now the twinkle was in her eyes. "So what are you doing with me, Mr. Smartass? "

"Actually I did not want you to go any crazier than you already are.." There was that smile again, spreading to his dreamy eyes. The eyes that made her heart jump. The eyes that she couldn't take her gaze off.

Once she had kept on looking at them even though she was aware that he had noticed. It was a gathering, they were playing a game. And in the midst of all the crowd, she had simply kept on staring at his eyes. Those kind eyes. It had taken a harmless question on his part to make her stare away. They were playing Antakshari, a game where the opposite team had to sing with the last vowel of the song by the team.

They were in opposite teams. And throughout a particular song, she had kept on staring at him. All were singing. He had noticed her, but she kept on gazing at him. So when the song ended, he asked her what vowel should they sing with, just to check whether she was intently playing the game or lost somewhere. She being ever vigilant, quickly replied.

All that time he had defended her against a minor taunting question by a classmate echoed through her. She couldn't believe he really was with her. She had forgotten about him. Especially after she had seen him with that friend. She had run out of the college crying. That girl had taunted her so many times. But now...he was with her? Enough. She didn't want to remember the past. It was too hurting, too scary. What mattered was the present. And he.

He pulled her closer to himself. He was warm. She grasped him tightly. Her nails pierced his shirt. He winced.

"Goodness you are wild", he said naughtily.

"Oh sorry." She pulled away embarrassed.

"And yes..stop apologizing all the time." He said with a twinkle in his eye and pulled her closer to himself again.

She looked at him with big brown eyes. He was optimistic. He always helped people even if they were not his close friends. His kindness, his sensitivity had attracted her and she had respected him. Till that day. That day which had sent her running and crying off. Since that incident she had tried hard to forget him. And she had. Until now. Until this day when he held her in his warm comforting embrace.

He looked at her longingly. Then he slowly bent his face down, his lips coming closer to hers...

And then all was dark.

"Wake up!!" The sound of her mother's shrill voice broke her dream. "Don't you have class today?"

"Huh?" Her vision was still clouded by his eyes, his whole being, his check shirt, his warm embrace. " I won't go to class today." Have to write something, she thought; a smile spread across her lips. And she went back to her dreams.


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That was really a beautiful post. It had a smooth flow in it. Enjoyed my stay here. I must say, you can write really well :)

Hope you enjoy reading my post too -
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