Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring Love

The air is moist, it's been raining
The sun wears a soft glow.
Summer is blooming into spring
Even the birds know,
You are here.

Stealthy Gazes

The way his hair fluttered
The way she smiled
The way he sang
The way she wrote
Neither knew the other noticed.

Life Crushed

Engrossed, she hunched over her tab, trying to figure out the best way to place candies. Those delightful coloured cells, bathed in stubborn problems, beckoned her to be their saviour. She was there, almost onto the next level.

Suddenly, the client stormed in. 'We've figured it all out! We just need to work the night.'

She looked up. Her life died.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Eaten Up

Slowly engulfing the whole city, the monster grew in size. Soon, all that left of the capital was its monstrous landfill.

What Long Meetings Teach You

# How to sleep with your eyes open
# How to yawn with your mouth closed
# How to pretend to be interested.

Crossing Paths

'Buddy, hey Buddy, you alive?' Joe whispered under his breath.
'Not for long', Buddy replied slowly. His voice was low, his breathing heavy. 
'You gotta listen to me man, make a run for it'. Joe kicked Buddy with his short fat legs.
Buddy winced under the pain. 'Don't be stupid. I can't even see. I only hear the rhythm of the death machine, coming closer and closer'. 
His voice was resigned. He had accepted his faith. Joe was annoyed.
'Don't chicken out, man. All you need to do is to hop over and cross the road. And you'll be free'.
As his buddy let out a sigh, Joe realised it was a gasp. The indifferent machine had routinely sliced through Buddy's heart and trimmed him into neatly-cut nuggets.
Just like that, his life was over.
It was Joe's turn now.

Black Lips

No amount of fairness lip balms, magic herbal cures or whitening face washes could take the 'black' off from his lips. Even cosmetic surgery wouldn't work. 

Years of ass-kissing had left a visible impact on him.

Size L

Size L then- Large
Size L now- Loose


She: I don't know what to do, doctor..
Therapist: Well, how does that make you feel?
She: I don't...know. It makes me feel happy, alive, on top of the world. All sadness vanishes... It makes me feel..high.
Therapist: That's a good thing, isn't it?
She: Initially it feels good, but then I'm consumed with guilt. It's wrong, just wrong and I can't stop it. Help me Doctor, please!
She: I'm addicted! To KFC.


Trampled upon, worn out and torn apart, they gave Boss the best years of their lives only to be replaced unceremoniously by a dapper younger team. 

Heartbroken yet free, the pair of old leather shoes decided to embark on a new journey of self discovery, to see the world alone and for the first time, without a master.

Creepy Pickup Lines

You are so pretty I wanna hang you on my wall.
You are so pretty I wanna make cupcakes of your face.

Restless Soul

A never-ending journey-a tireless thirst for the unattainable, a feeling of dissatisfaction, transient happiness. May be someday, contentment will come. Bringing with it finally, the joy of peace.

April Fool's Day

'But it's spring!' The sweaty family panted. 
Haha Happy April 1st, beamed Nature.


"You are mean", the dog whimpered.
"What did I do?" I asked, surprised.
"You said, 'oh what a cute pig', when I fell into the mud".
Snorting on my laughter, I offered helpfully, "Umm.. that was a compliment.."
"So mean."
"I'm sorry. I don't mean to be mean. It's just, I don't have a filter."
"You are injurious to health."

Lurking at Night

When your soul is tired and the eyes, weak
When your limbs succumb to the dreamy beat
When the sky is crowded with stars lit,
That's when poetry peeps out at night.

Stars Below

Twinkling stars
Travelling stars
Static stars
Halogen stars
A starry town comes to life 
At night.
Hopes and dreams
Lend their wings
As this town softly glows.
As I watch this sleepy town come to life
14000 feet below.

Endless Wait

'You never came back', she looked at him longingly.
'I had to take off', he mumbled.
' could you not feel what I feel? Last night when we were one, when you saw through my dreams and insecurities, when you made me feel loved, did you not feel any of that?'
'Sara', he stopped her. 'Last night was 2 years ago'.


Clobbering utensils
Like the high school bell
Ring in my head.
One after the other and another
The cacophony continues.
The Universe expands
A man shouts, a child cries.
Somewhere, my sleep dies.
A mother begins singing
The child joins in.
Mellow laughter
Interspersed with utensil-smashing
The only way to get some peace,
Is to go deaf.

The Darkness Inside

Darkness creeps
Like a lone wolf
About to pounce
On indiscretions of the past.

The clock ticks,
As the prey runs
Desperate to hide
In a maze of uncertain shadows.

Fallible and naive
It senses danger.
But how can it hide?
When the real enemy lurks within.

Scared and lonely
It counts its last moments.
As the predator inside it
Patiently waits to make a strike.

It's during dark days as these
That my predator comes to life.

White Night

It's late at night. You are online, as am I.
'Liking', commenting on others' posts.

But like always, the words between us will be left worlds apart.

The Intruder in the House

As Susan ran into the bedroom searching for some sort of weapon, the intruder tenaciously followed.

Desperate, she grabbed the first bottle she could find and sprayed on him with full force. The intruder fell on his back, legs up, trying hard to get up.

But Susan did not stop. She kept on spraying till the bottle was nearly empty. Finally she sat down on the bed with a thud. Beside her feet, lay the body of the curious roach.


Hands touched. Thunder struck. Violins played, flowers shied.
“Pay attention, kid”, he said sternly as she secretly smiled.

Views from a Plane


Blessed amidst the clouds
Of cotton candy.
The world beyond me

A meandering trajectory of choices.

There is no confusion up here, no choice.
Just an endless kingdom.
Never-ending, distant, stoic
Makes me wonder
How does it feel to die in heaven?