Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As I near the end of 2009, I seem to have quite a few revelations. My last post was about Pyaar Impossible, remember? Well it does not seem quite so impossible now. Beauty, beauty everywhere, Nor any one with brains. Had a decent chat with a friend today. And yes I am once again reveling in my singledom. I guess physical appeal attracts all of us but if it is for momentary pleasure, is it worth hankering after? friend made me realize this. So ladies and gentlemen, what I am saying is I guess if a guy or girl is coveted just for the fact of being good looking, then so much the better for them. But does this mean that if some of us are running behind looks, all of us should join the run? Hmmm.......I know it might appear that since I have no better option so I spend my time writing about pointless crushes and then discarding them.

But what I realized today was the value of good company. There are two kinds of people- people who make you happy and people who make you sad. In 2009, I have had the good opportunity to meet both kinds. Then there have also been people who sometimes make you happy and sometimes..sad. But did you find anyone who always makes you happy? Or if not always, most of the time happy with intelligent thoughts, awesome humor and intellectual conversations? Well, I met such a friend today. Honestly I don't know whether I should write about this friend or follow up from my last topic. But to a great extent this follow up was possible because of him. I did intend to write one article against some dude who "thinks" he is cool but is not but that would have been mostly an outburst of rage. My friend did help me to cool down, to calm down, to relax.

And I guess what I realized once again was since I have no control over other people's actions, is it worth my while to shout and react at the top of my lungs when they are doing the same? Why should it matter when someone calls you names? Why should it matter that your partner has to be the handsomest of all- just for the sake of other's compliments? Aah...effects of hanging out with the popular kids...their temperaments never suited me....But I won't blame them all- I have a perceptive nature and absorb a lot of things I see- some good, some bad- for me. But time does tell me what things really "suit" me and what not. Would I trade humility for good looks? Nah...Realized it today..I won't. Kind of person that I am , I would have worried about what I was not getting instead of what I am getting. My friend convinced me to look towards the positive.

So ladies and gentlemen, I will look towards the positive, at least try to, try to live a fulfilled and motivated life. Nothing is impossible as long as you have people who care for you....

Here's to 2010 and many more such years to come!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pyaar Impossible?

Is it really true? Impossible for a "beauty" to fall in love with a "geek"?? The optimists and idealists of society would say "It's so not true.. Love is a matter of the heart" but we know better. Love is a thing of the heart (for many) but does this "thing of the heart" have nothing to do with "looks"? Would we all be so bold enough to proudly say that we all see the "inner beauty" of the person and not the outer one? Does it really not matter?

For most of us, it does matter. At the time of writing this post, I am watching the promos of Pyaar Impossible. Must say, it is interesting. Yes, in spite of Uday Chopra. Though I got shocked a bit after seeing the "hero" (?) of the movie, my initial shock has given way to a pleasant anticipation. I guess part of the anticipation lies in the fact that I myself am more of a geek. My friends might jump up at this revelation in protest but I know what I am and where I fit. For some days, I have been watching the trailers again and again and more of the title song where Priyanka dresses up as a geek and tries to find a guy who would be "meri gyaharayio par ho fida". Does it happen? Well I was not able to find the full length of the video..but the song ends with Priyanka ending up convinced that Pyaar for a geek is Impossible.

Well what can you say. I dunno if I want to watch the movie yet. Mainly cause I am scared of Uday Chopra. And Jugal Hansraj as well. But PC is looking irresistible. I would not be wrong if I said I am crushing on her quite a bit these days. A true beauty and not only of the features but also of the brains. The way she walks and talks and even sings is enough to blow your mind away. Does not only think of lipsticks and nail polish but also has attitude! That's my girl! When a girl is beautiful and intelligent but men chase her only because of her beauty, it can be very frustrating. But does this bother Priyanka so much that she decides to search for a man who would only look at her depth? I don't think so.

At least the song does not appear such. It more of seems like a ploy of the eternal romantic Priyanka to convince Uday that "Pyaar of a beauty to a geek is not Impossible". How far the director is able to convince the audience about this remains a matter to be seen.

Till then, I am humming..."Pyaar Impossible...".

P.S: In the event, that I decide to watch this movie, I believe like the previous two romantic movies I watched, namely, Love Aaj Kal and Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani, I will also have to watch this one with "Main aur meri tanhai".... But if this "geek" is able to find someone before that, I will let you know. ;)