Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cute Guys

So what's wrong with the Almighty Creator? Why does he have to make beautiful girls all around but no good looking guys? You know how it goes? Good looking guys are not nice. Good looking nice guys are committed. And good looking nice single guys are gay. :(

It's so hard to find a good looking guy who would also be a good conversationalist. Most of us have to prioritize on one or more of the features if we want to "like" a guy. So imagine my surprise when after waiting for about 4 and a half years on the university campus I genuinely found not one but several cute lovely looking guys!! Imagine my surprise, my hysteria! It was as if I had found a diamond in the rough. At least I was so smitten by them when I found them on one of the social networking sites. I am jumping, jumping, jumping now! Yuppieee!

Rukte hain kahan hum roke se
Chalte hain hawa ke jhonke se
Apni toh aisi hai zindagi
Yehi apni adaa hai kya karein
Koi bura jo maane kya karein
Humse toh hai khafa ab sabhi
Jaane do chodo bhi

Talking of cute guys, I dreamed of an old flame today evening. Well okay fine, I have a thing for cute guys. And he was cute. And cool. Absolutely thanda thanda cool cool. Which is what I liked about him. But I dreamed of him in relation to death. I guess the reason for it was that I was reading a novel where the main character had just died. And the father of one of my students had just expired. So when I woke up, I was left with a nagging feeling of why I dreamed of him in relation to death. So anyways, it's always nice to find a cute guy in real life (considering all of them are mostly found in movies or serials: from leos to shahids to aijaz khans to amit varmas). So yes, right now I am ecstatic..regarding these guys. It never hurts to see a cute face staring at you ..blah blah get my drift. Particularly cute guys make me feel happy when I'm in a sour mood. So that's what I do when I'm in a bad mood or need some entertainment.

When it comes to movies or serials, I can list a series of names when it comes to cute guys. But I won't bore you with that list. Cute guys- are mostly young guys, even if they are old...they should have a younger charm about them. Leo is probably the best example in this respect. And to talk of Indians, who can forget Shahid and Ranbir? Truly they are the present heart throbs of Generation Y. And when it comes to Hollywood, need I even mention a list? It is always full of hotties and cuties and both!! Take for example, Steven Strait. The charmer charmed everyone with his magical powers in The Covenant.

When Leo acted in the Titanic for the first time, people around were really surprised. They had seen this guy act before but Titanic was definitely one of the turning points in Leo's life. One that made girls sit up and notice him and he was to become the blue-eyed boy of Hollywood for a long time to come. However Leo never limited himself to romantic roles. Rather he kept on taking up different challenging roles that explored his acting abilities right from The Gangs of New York to Catch Me if you Can.

Well, happy cute guys inspire cute happy posts. Pray that the Almighty creates more of these startling precious pieces! :P

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Have been reading some fun blog posts for quite a while....they have become my favorites within a very short span of time...while one deals with relationships, the other one clearly is about weird and funny ideas. Change is good. Change is constant. I recently saw Inception. I was about to write a blog post on that but then decided against it. Part of the reason is that I had a lot of questions regarding the movie and needed to do research on them. Part of the reason is that seeing a movie like Inception once is not enough to write a post on it. I am seeing a new side of life now..spending more time in the real world than virtual world. I daresay, it has done me more good than bad. As a matter of fact, I am quite enjoying it. This is the last year of university. My last semester results were not good, at least by my standards. Since this is the last year, I want to give it my best effort. It's still difficult to accept that within another year, this university will not remain mine any more! So now even while running late to my classes every morning, I spare a sec to feel and watch the air, the grass, the lake, the seats, the ledge, the corridors, the buildings and the canteens of my uni.... 18 years of studying and it's all going to be over soon..I can feel what my engineering mates felt in the beginning of this year, now. Fresh views, fresh guys..yupsy they ARE cute! Ah finally! As a matter of fact one of them is in one of my class. The other in my department! Yippeee! I love my courses. Well I always did. But this time, I am actually studying, or at least trying to, till now. I am trying not to miss my classes. Making an effort. Today for instance, we spent one class listening to Latin American music. No notes, just the splendor and vibrancy of Latin American music for the course. Reminds me time and again why I love CL so much! I wish these years would not go so soon by. Still remember the first day of college. We were newcomers then and now, in a matter of time, we have become the senior most class in the dept. We have grown old. :(

I never thought I wud miss my school. But six months before I left school, I began feeling nostalgic about it. I never ever thought I would miss JU. But...

This place has a growing quality; it grows on you. I was a critic of the place when I first came here. The liberation, the freedom was too much for me to take; one who has always been a staunch supporter of rules and regulations. But this university, my department showed me new directions; opened my arena. What if I am given a choice whether or not to follow rules? Surely I'm a grown up individual and can take my own decisions? What if I am not a bad person just because I smoke or drink? I don't support either of these activities even now but the way I used to view smokers as "bad" people; that view has changed. JU has opened up possibilities; possibilities I never knew existed before. Well you know what they say. Once a JUite, always a JUite!

A lot of time has passed since my last personal post. Was reading the blog on relationships and felt it was time to write one post for myself, about me. Sure clouds still darken my sky however now I'm optimistic, I'm happy.

Pessimism with a Difference

We were being taught Baudelaire in class and came across this beautiful dark haunting imagery, one of his poems. Take a look.


When the cold heavy sky weighs like a lid
On spirits whom eternal boredom grips,
And the wide ring of the horizon's hid
In daytime darker than the night's eclipse:

When the world seems a dungeon, damp and small,
Where hope flies like a bat, in circles reeling,
Beating his timid wings against the wall
And dashing out his brains against the ceiling:

When trawling rains have made their steel-grey fibres
Look like the grilles of some tremendous jail,
And a whole nation of disgusting spiders
Over our brains their dusty cobwebs trail:

Suddenly bells are fiercely clanged about
And hurl a fearsome howl into the sky
Like spirits from their country hunted out
Who've nothing else to do but shriek and cry —

Then long processions without fifes or drums
Wind slowly through my soul. Hope, weeping, bows
To conquest. And atrocious Anguish comes
To plant his black flag on my drooping brows.

Pessimism with a beautiful poetic imagery- that's Baudelaire for you! ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Probably most of you have heard this song but the lyrics are too good and I have to put them up here...aptly describe my feelings.

I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave
Your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

You used to captivate me by your resonating light
Now, I'm bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me, I've been alone all along

When you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me, me, me

-My Immortal, Evanescence.

And for all those who haven't yet listened to this song, just two words: PLEASE DO!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


At times I wonder what is so fascinating about this virtual world- what is so enchanting about this that we leave aside all work of the real world and get entangled in the unsurmountable maze of this world's liveliness. It's a fun world where you can live your deepest fantasies, enjoy the victory which you probably hardly see in the "real" world of three dimensions. This addiction is deep, it acts as a kind of seduction. However there is one thing we forget in the midst of all this; that it is all fake, empty. Whatever happens here exists in a virtual world which is composed of our dreams, our hopes, our unfulfilled fantasies. Things we fear are lost here, the virtual world provides us with a blanket that can easily cover up all insecurities, all frustrations. But what happens when you begin to get lost in this world? What happens when you begin to take all of this for "real"? I guess you lose the connection between reality and the virtual. You begin living in a world made of dreams, made of cupcake and jelly beans; you begin living in an imaginary world. You make friends; you fall in love. And then one fine morning, the world breaks down. You can't see the pieces coz the world was all virtual, right? But it also breaks down your heart and you are left to count the pieces.

"I thought you felt it too
When there was me and you.."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Marriage- Before and After

It's time for a fun post and here is this poem I came up with somewhere. There was a competition in the Washington Post that asked for the most romantic first line followed by the least romantic second line. This poem got the first prize. Check this out. ;)

My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife,
Marrying you screwed up my life.

I see your face when I am dreaming.
That's why I always wake up screaming.

Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
This describes everything you are not.

I thought that I could love no other --
that is until I met your brother.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head.

I want to feel your sweet embrace;
But don't take that paper bag off your face.

I love your smile, your face, and your eyes --
Damn, I'm good at telling lies!

My love, you take my breath away.
What have you stepped in to smell this way?

My feelings for you no words can tell,
Except for maybe “'Go to hell.”'

What inspired this amorous rhyme?
Two parts tequila, one part lime !!

Sunday, July 04, 2010


There were people around her always. Boisterous, forceful, determined to achieve their goals, determined to make her achieve her goals. Nobody ever asked what she wanted. She never asked herself what she wanted. What others wanted for her was more important to her. They had suffered for her, now it was her turn to suffer for them. It was a constant ideology she believed in. Her only aim in life was to make them happy. But then he came. He was a friend. A dear friend. He was the kind of person who made her happy. All those other people around her made her stressed. But he made her warm and comfortable. She loved him for who he was. She wanted to know him. She never wanted to lose him. Never. People she had loved had always left her. She thought it was because she was not good enough for them. This had scared her; she never could be herself with people she liked for fear that they would "reject" her. But his easygoing nature encouraged her. She was not scared to be who she was with him. She loved him. She wanted him to be happy. But somewhere at the back of her mind she knew that he could never be happy with her. But she never wanted to lose him. There was always an uneasiness that this won't last coz it never had before. This friendship, this being there for each other. And it didn't. She blamed herself for the loss. For his indifference. He did not care. She was not good enough. She knew that. She was not good enough to be his friend. But she loved him. Did he know that? Did he understand that no matter how much people loved him, they will never be able to love him as much as she did? There was a time when she used to wait all the while so that they could talk. Now they don't. She is still surrounded by people. People waiting to be her friends. May be people who even genuinely care about her. People who need her. But he is not there. And it is not the same without him. What happened to the easiness which was there when they talked earlier? The places where they met, those places remind her of him even now. There is not one day when she does not think of him. Sometimes she wanders, why did they have to meet only so they could part? And in the midst of all people, she feels lonely. and this loneliness is like frost bites. Cold, cruel and uncompromising.

"I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone...."