Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hamster Racing

Angry Voices, Chirpy Voices
Excited Voices, Expert Voices.
I wish I could turn them off
Like the remote control of a TV.

Dodging my way through the voices
I search for the prize, my Light
But the voices are so many
One-eyed sperms, they obstruct my way

I dodge, I jump, I twist
I do more acrobatic turns than Anderson Neo
And I get ahead of the voices.
Oh thank god! I breathe fresh air. 

But wait! 
Now they are after me, these voices.

I run and run.
Towards Light. Nirvana. The Prize. My Goal?
The voices keep on trailing me.
The path ends abruptly.
I fall off the edge.
Down and down
In a deep dark abyss.

No light. Surely the voices can't see me?
I can't see them.
Quick, that rock!
I hide behind
No voices, excited or annoyed.
Angry quirky happy flappy
I eventually give in.
Exhausted I sleep.

Dark dreamless sleep
My pounding heart begins to rest
I and my heart, we sleep
Comforted in each other's company.

"Tring tring", my heart wakes up in fear
"Tring tring", my phone rings
"Tring tring", a voice I can no longer bear.
"Tring tring", my heart at me stares.

Twins Nervousness and Exhaustion run away
My heart calls them back. 
But they run.
I'm speechless.

And soon in the cool, dark cave
Light streams- voices glowing sperms!
And the cave glistens
A heated array of electric lights.

"Tring tring", one one-eyed voice smiles
"Tring tring", one excited voice hovers
"Tring tring", a non-chalant voice waves
"Tring tring", a bossy voice observes.

And so I realize
The voices were with me all along
Could never run from them.
Phone in hand,
I long to be 
A carefree spirit again.