Friday, September 12, 2008

An interesting day at College

Today was a hard day. Well,not quite. Rather today was an interesting day. One of my classmates punched his bare hand into the door where it was glass. Out came the glass with his bleeding hand. Hhmmm......... Warm blooded creatures. I don't want to sound offensive but what kind of an idiot does that? Well...none of my business and in case any of my classmates are reading.. Don't mind my being rude.. But I have no sympathy for such attention grabbing freaks. My dear classmates- his friends rushed him to hospital and ofcourse reprimanded him appropriately. Then my teacher came and seeing no one around, she scolded us for not attending the class!!! After that followed a discussion on should we or shouldn't we have told her that my classmates had taken the wounded boy to the hospital.... Ah Lord! The discussions people pursue!!! So that was it... Oh and I forgot.... In the middle of all this we had our exam. It was HORRIBLE! My learned friends however think I am some kind of a magician.. I hold my wand and out come the marks. You can well imagine my plight. I was not inclined to studyand couldn't even do so at the library because of one of my classmates who wouldn't stop talking! Then when I was crossing the road , I took some desperate crossings. A taxi halted abruptly, A rickshaw driver gave me a "look", and a cyclist asked me whether I couldn't see where I was going... In the last two cases, it was their fault ofcourse, only the first one was my fault. So ladies and gentlemen, you see my plight... I am living in a mad,mad world... Next time more updates.. Till then Chao!


khyati patel said...

ahaan...........Here comes Dipanwita!!!!!
well it was quite an accident..but i would jus like to say tht he isnt a attention seeker.....n i m no way justifying wat he said!!!!!

the silent observer said...

Well...everyone entitled to his/her comments.. Right? I respect your views but whatever one of my friends did was absolutely idiotic. I think you'll agree with me on this one......I care for my friends and this accident could hav been avoided if my friend had behaved sensibly.

Anonymous said...

im so sorry dipanwita for boring you death with my never ending talks...i can assure you that it wont be repeated and will ceremoniously leave you alone :)

Astraeus said...

lots a JUCL's around i see having a friendly go eh,
how far removed am i.
boring talks, suicidal pacts,taking away study time, attention seeking, aah straight out of a soap opera,

cast and crew anyone?

the silent observer said...

@ Raka

Don't mind. It was nice talking to you but at that point of time I was death worried about my exam.

@ Rohit

My dear friend, JU is a never-ending soap opera. Don't tell me You hav spent so much time here and yet don't know????!!!!!

I think I need to clarify myself.
I am very critical of certain things and will oppose them. I would appreciate if my readers render the same amt. of space to me as I render to them. No offence meant to anybody. It's just that you may agree or disagree on certain issues but all of us shud respect the other's opinion.

Thank You

Tiger Lily said...

does prantick know that his lil act got sooo much of publicity???

the silent observer said...

I don't know. Was it supposed to be a little act? Again, I don't have any idea.

the silent observer said...

Well, a lot of people got publicity by this, don't you think? Next time I'll use some abbreviations... Let's see!