Monday, October 20, 2008


Exactly how difficult is it to wait? To constantly wait for someone, constantly hope that that person remembers you? You will know how it feels if you have ever waited for someone. Waiting for someone-this patient waiting is killing me. How pathetic!

Sometimes you have to let go of the person-give him/her their personal space. Sometimes you shouldn't show your emotions-you should just go with a happy-go-lucky attitude and let them be. Really how difficult can it be to let go of that person? Philosophically, intellectually, even logically, it is possible, but so difficult is it emotionally! Its better to let go of people, even better to get rid of emotions. It's better, then you don't get hurt. Too timid do I sound. Can't help it.

Now at the time when that person is not here, all I can think about is the moments we spent together, sometimes talking, sometimes listening. Ah! Gone are the days of blissful existence. Even so of blissful ignorance. Why did he have to come back to my life? I was happy, I was contented in my world. Why did he have to give me a few moments of joy just to make me cry all day long?

Technically, I am not crying. But a deep sense of longing, of restlessness has seized upon me. Why does this have to happen with me? Too melodramatic. I wish I could just go on living the life I have been for so long. Wish I could just forget him.


Tiger Lily said...

kya hua?

the silent observer said...

kuch nahi yaar... I'll be fine
Thanks anyways

Jijo said...

I wrote something partly similar a long Time back. Try this -