Tuesday, March 08, 2011


The name is Puchka, just Puchka.... Those of you who have had the pleasure of knowing me, know the extent of my popularity. And those who don't, well get to know me. ;)

I'm the hottie your Mom warned you about but we both know you never listened to her anyway. ;)

I am greater than the God- Rajnikanth himself! Now what does that say about me?

Bite into my deliciously warm soft crust. Hear the light crisp sound. Let it stay in your mouth. Now chew it. A tasty site. Now bite again. This time a little bit into my spicy potato filling along with the top crust. The first taste of spicy potato tingles your tongue. A bit of apprehension, a bit of anticipation. But as it melts into your mouth, you feel the lemony sourness, the hot chilliness and the spicy mixture also containing coriander and chick peas. Close your eyes. Allow the taste to linger. You become comfortable in the ecstasy of the multi-layered tastes that explore your taste buds. If this is your first time, don't fight it. Don't be afraid. Let it explore you. And you in turn savor the delicious soft thickness of the potato mixing with the crispy crust. Let the pleasure hold, for as long as you can...

With me, every time is a first time. Don't be shy. ;)

The third time you bite into me, take the remaining morsel in your mouth. There's something about gulping me down at one go. This goes specially well if you take me with tamarind water. The tangy tamarind water mixes with the cheerful potato filling and the austere crispy crust to provide a taste unparalleled in the world. Together we will be too much for you.Even if you are the most daring person in the world, you won't be able to hold me down much longer. 

Dare to?
Try me. ;)


Raksha Bhat said...

Puchak..puchak..puchkas:)...I love them...what a mouth watering post:)

Pratibha The Talent said...

feel like having it right now.

PsycheBubbles said...

haha... Brilliant! Articulation over a plate of puchkas! Amazing! And like most, I love em too! :)

RAY7 said...

I had Phuchka at Haldirams yesterday. Blimey it was Goddamn hilarious to have Phuchka in a formal set up.

Dream Peddler said...

Hey... You forgot the initial part. When you wait for the first batch to complete... and u see the puchkawala .. making those delicious things, you bad does that torture ur poor taste buds? LOve the way you wrote it :-) very Innovative. Btw .. why doesnt ur blog allow me to post a comment with my website url? bad!

the silent observer said...

@raksha: hehe yeah I love them too, thanks.. :)

@pratibha: am glad to hear that.. :)

@psychebubbles: lol, thanks a lot.

@ray7: puchka at haldirams eh? guess soon you will have to rely on "formal institutions" to even dream of puchkas. ;)

@sauvik: waiting for puchkas eh? I hate waiting generally, and waiting for puchkas in particular.

I see you have mentioned the problem of not being able to publish with your website name before, but I guess that's because this is a pretty old blog. I have your website id, don't worry. :)