Monday, September 20, 2010


His hands held his friend's shoulders. They were sitting together, side by side. They were really good friends but recently they had begun to discover something else in their friendship.They looked at each other's eyes. Both could see a sparkle. His hands began exploring her backside. Slowly his fingers went from her blouse to the naked part of her back. Her skin flinched. She smiled. Evidently she liked his touch. How did his touch feel? Did it pound her heart? Did she blush? Wasn't that touch everything she had ever dreamt about? His hands..on her naked back. Someone else sitting on the back looked on. She was afraid of touch of any kind. But his hands...would they dissolve her fear? But why was he doing it in front of her? He was not touching her, he was touching his friend. Then why did she feel like he was teasing her? As if his hands were speaking to her, coaxing her. She blushed. She felt shy. And then it hit her. Why was he doing it in front of her when he knew she liked him? She loved him. It's fine that he was exercising his independence but why did he need to "show" it to her? Why was he hurting her? Why couldn't he just take his friend to a room? She felt suffocated. Partially by the tease of his hands and partially because of his willingness to touch his friend in front of her. An irresistible urge to kiss him haunted her. They never care do they? Well all that is fine but why did he have to show her this? It was humiliating. She felt her ears burn. And she could not even react! Dammit! She felt suffocated. But only managed to sport a sheepish smile. Like an idiot.

The bell rang. She rushed out of her class. A few steps front and she jumped away from her college. Busily rushing through the streets amidst people, she messaged her friend. Her friend who was there in the class. Who had also seen the whole thing. "What the hell happened back there? You said they were not together?". "I didn't know..", replied the friend. Fighting back tears she got up on bus. Why would he do that? Why why why? He did not love her but he was sensitive, wasn't he? He should have known that she would feel bad. How could he hurt her like this? She would never forget this for the rest of her life. She respected him because of his sensitivity. That was one of the reasons she had loved him. But today, she lost all respect for him.

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