Sunday, April 17, 2011


I sit to eat
Great food, fried rice and chicken
As I put the first morsel
Something gets stuck in my throat
And it moves.

Quickly I hurl it out
A cockroach.
A cockroach in my food
I look down at the plate
It is swarming with insects.

I am so hungry
I have not eaten for so long
I am always hungry
There is nothing to eat anywhere
The insects look ugly
The insects look repelling
But I am hungry, I pick one up
And start chewing it.

Soft, juicy, it does not taste so bad...
Its wings and antenna, quite crunchy
It has a peculiar sour taste
But what is that pungent smell?
Chhi! I puke all of it down

But I am so hungry
I have to eat
Nothing to eat, anywhere, anymore
Reluctantly I stuff my mouth with the vomit.

It's not so bad, the vomit
Once you have gotten used to the smell
And taste.

But hunger knows no bounds
Hunger will make you eat anything.

Now I fight with lizards
To get hold of insects
To eat.

Sometimes I catch the lizards
But they are quick
And I am weak.

The lizards, insects and I coexist
In our house full of happiness.
We eat each other
But we are still hungry...
Hunger, offensive hunger
Shameful hunger
Malevolent hunger.


PsycheBubbles said...

Quite a striking and thoughtful post. Hunger has its frightening presence everywhere.

the silent observer said...


*Soumyo* said...

Good one. Distinct. Liked it.

the silent observer said...

thank you :)