Thursday, November 08, 2012

Gee I am 'Sorry'

When did it start? When did I become this insensitive ruthless person indifferent to the feeling of loved ones? How did I lose it upon those who have sacrificed the most for me? Wait, I was always like this. Selfish, overbearing, self obsessed. What's new in this? I'm spoilt, kind of. Everyone knows I have a temper. And it's not that I don't realize my mistakes. But what's the use of realizing your mistakes if you are going to keep repeating them? When you keep on hurting the ones who love you? But can't bear to see those ungrateful leeches suffer who you love and who couldn't care less for you. Learning your true friends, that's what life is all about. But misbehaving with them time and again? People who you know, would NEVER leave you? Why push them to a corner to a point of no return? I am easily the most selfish spoilt brat I have met. Hurting the sensitive ones just where it hurts them the most is no act of self-gratification, it's plain cowardice. If you have to hurt someone to make yourself feel better, you are just a bully. And I hate bullies, when did I become one? So ruthless, so full of hatred... Being unhappy does not give me the right to make my loved ones unhappy. And after all, how much of 'Sorry' can you say?

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