Friday, April 04, 2014

Loving in Oblivion

Seems like yesterday
I was a kid growing up.
I said 'I love you' hoping against hope.
And you said nicely, 'Thank you'.

Through the tears I laughed.
You were funny alright.
And I had thought we'd be just fine.
Damn free will, I smiled.
What had I hoped for, after all?

Then my best friend, my confidant
Fled up the farthest wall,
When I told him it made me jealous
That he got involved with another girl.

Other men I have liked, 
But dared not express.
My affection comes off as rudeness
As I die to escape.
Their gaze.
Their presence.
Their very touch.
The sound of their voice.

It just gets lonely here sometimes.
Lonely and terribly cold.
I hope I don't stumble into the darkness,
I have worked so hard to be free from.
Because the darkness, it unleashes
The demon I shelter inside.

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