Monday, October 13, 2014

The Night Sky

Draped in a wave of clouds,
The moon lets out a lazy yawn.
A naughty wind brushes past
Pulling off its cover, oh so lightly
Illuminating half a mile of the sky.

The moon is called off from sleep
A rude awakening
Big eyes, full of reproach
It scolds the wind, pulls the blanket closer.
And the endless sea goes dark.

Dark clouds with stoic silver linings
Like the depth of a bottomless ocean,
The synchrony of a fish's scales,
A unique geometric pattern
Shield the Universe.

A solitary star winks away
In the midst of this celibacy.

A lighthouse full of hope,
It is the sole flame, 
Eternally awake
In the sleeping world.
Like my love for you.

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