Saturday, September 13, 2008


Just saw the movie Vacancy.I don't know how to put it-I've watched a horror film after long. May be because it was after so long that I watched a movie that I liked it. Or may be it was the movie itself. Don't know. This movie was different from conventional horror movies like I know what you did Last Summer

In conventional horror movies, an unknown killer chases out innocent people to die. In this movie however, the killer is revealed at the very beginning. This spoils the fun for 'unknown murderer-chasing-innocent people' loving freaks like me. We even get a hint as to why the Manager with his group of bloodthirsty masked men kill innocent couples who choose to register at his motel. They record the murders and every painful moment leading up to death, make DVDs of these murders and then sell them. Now I thought,what kind of weirdo would like to watch such gruesome details? Oh that's right! Me. But frankly speaking, I'd rather love to see a man face his death and come out of it, Alive and conquering his fear rather than succumb to it and die. Movies where the main protagonist(s) dies hold no charm as they carry no message.

But Vacancy breaks certain boundaries in conventional movie making theories. Like in most movies, the hero is the all-in-all and comforts the heroine. Here the hero tries to be all-in-all but fails. He is stabbed. Right before that, he promises to the heroine that they will "get over this". Now when a hero promises something like this,we,the viewers are kind of relieved. But Vacancy breaks such conventional models. This film is a well made film and a lot of people might like it. I am divided on the opinion. I like conventional horror movies more. But for the rest of you who are not afraid to experiment, this sure is one movie you should watch out for.

Until next summer: Good bye!

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