Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rain

A piece written by me, long ago...

The sky was dark
The leaves were green
The atmosphere was heavy
It was about to rain

Beside the window I sat
The view mesmerized me
The sensuous charm of the weather
In turn crazed me

Like a bird my mind flew
Did daring things
Rules and regulations
Were distant links.

I was a winged bird
Flew around the sky
Reached distant lands
Where observers turned a curious eye

Over mountains and oceans
Faraway places
I saw the Sirens, heard their voice
That had enchanted god-like Odysseus.

I saw the nymph Calypso, spent time with Aphrodite
Saw Helen of golden locks
Flowing on the love of Paris
When she had first come to Troy

Unbridled she had sat
Holding Paris strongly
A gift of the Love Goddess
Had held her passionately

But then she had to return
Back with Menelaos
Those love lorn days were if, only
Transient and heaved a rampant chaos.

So did I, heaved a Sigh
And with a forlorn look
Bade them goodbye
I didn't want to return
But History enticed me
The Present was unbearable

But Mystery of the Future
With its Adventurous charm,
Kept Beckoning Me
With Promises not of a Better Life
But an Exciting One.


RAY7 said...

Hey, you wrote this on my birthday. No wonder it's a poetry. :P And it's very nice too. Relevant with the lovely rains today. Liked it. :)

the silent observer said...

I published it then, but I guess I wrote it before... don't remember actually. anyways thanks. :)

Mr. A. said...

does have a wonderful addiction...rain....

wonderful...calm and fresh...

the silent observer said...

thanks.. :)