Saturday, February 13, 2010

Creature of the Dark

Another post on darkness. But I can't help it. I love it. The comfort, the warmth of Night, the all encompassing embrace with which it beckons me, I can't help but love it! That might be one of the reasons why I love reading books that deal with the darkness of mind and that of heart. Have you spoken to Night while no one was there? Have you embraced her? Did you let her take you to all those unknown places, unknown dreams you never thought you would be able to visit? Did she beckon you? Did she make you curious? Did you never want to know what was there, on the other side? Did it never occur to you to attempt your deepest darkest desires under the comfort of the night? Did Night never make you free in a way that no daylight ever did? Aah..that taste of freedom, of uncertainty, of safe wilderness, of being on TOP of the WORLD! Darkness embraces, Darkness comforts, Darkness Rules!


Kabya said...

of all the posts...i love this one..wonderfully penned!!!
Shine on,

the silent observer said...

thankie! coming from a fellow traveler of the dark, means a lot! :)