Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 IDIOTS- A Post on Friendship

I had decided to write a post on 3 Idiots even before I had watched it. Must say, this was one movie that did not fail my expectations. Where to begin? The movie was fantastic, the script was fantabulous and the actors played their part really well! Aamir rocks big time but the one who rocked the most was Rancho..and I am NOT talking of Javed Jaffrey. The best part about the film- it was not a blatant adaptation of Five Point Someone By Chetan Bhagat. It had its own story to tell. I won't say anything about whether or not Bhagat should have been given any more credit than he has already been. Raju's committing suicide, Kareena's brother's death, these instances were all taken from Bhagat's book. On the other hand, Rancho's story, Mona Singh's character, the plot and the ending were all originals.

To get back to my post, the reason why I liked the film the most was because of its message in friendship. Friends are important. They make your day. I am not so optimistic any more as I was after watching the movie. But friendship does make the world go round and rosy. Friends are what we live for. Friends are pests. Can't live with them, can't live without them! They are the ones who make you smile when you want to cry. They make you cry when you want to smile. There are some who cry with you, then there are some who lend a sympathetic shoulder when they can't offer any help. But do they know that even if they can't provide solutions, their sympathetic sad faces mean a lot? Then there are others who cheer you up with humorous stories about their arguments with bus conductors! Friends are those who point out your faults all the time while there are those who think you are perfect. And then there are friends like Rancho- who inspire you about life with their philosophy. And a friend like Rancho is one who we strive for..


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Who would you say is the Rancho in your life?

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