Wednesday, May 12, 2010


She was never alone. Voices surrounded her. Some of these voices had bodies. Some did not. But they whispered to her all the time. When they told her that nobody cared for her, she did not want to believe them. But she trusted those voices more than she trusted others. So she left the others. There were two voices out of the many who were closer to her themost. These were the two voices that had bodies. Time passed. They left her. She was broken. How could these two voices leave her? She shared everything with them. That they would leave her is something she had never thought. She had already left the others when the voices told her that they did not care for her. Now she was left alone. Then she saw a Light. The Light told her to keep her life separate, to not do as the voices ask her to. It was difficult for her. But she did it. She stopped sharing her personal life with the voices. It helped her grow stronger. But she missed them. They drifted apart from her. She met others. The became closer. But there was a remnant of the voices. What if the voices were right? What if the others never really cared for her? What if she was left all alone forever? That insecurity grasped her gradually. Slowly she lost the others and all she was left with was herself and the voices inside her head.


Kabya said...

a wonderful post...but again...lights are always misguiding...the voices can be trusted.... :-P

the silent observer said...

:P aren't we being overwhelmingly pessimistic here? I think sometimes light should be givena chance over random vopices! ;)