Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sound of Rain

Dark clouds storm the sky. Night falls upon the world. Darkness descends. It is about to rain. People come out of their houses, to greet the raindrops. At last they will find relief from the exasperating heat. Water will cool their burning hearts. It will quench their thirst. They wait eagerly. The rain clouds come together. Time passes. Then with a moment's sprint, water falls from the sky. It begins to cry. Loudly. It howls. People get scared. But the sky doesn't stop howling. Its cries come in the form of loud thunders. It blinks. Lightning strikes. People move away. The tears continue to flow. They become surprised. Their beloved sky never behaved like this before. They wait. For it to cool down. But the waters increase. The rains start falling more harshly, more intently. The people cry out for help. But the rain flows away everything. Soil, rocks, sediments are carried away. The trees are uprooted by the violent gush of water. The foundation of giant buildings tremble with incredible sound. But the rains keep on falling more violently. Its as if the sky is punishing the earthlings for some crime they did not commit. The force of the water cracks the cemented foundation of the buildings. There is a large commotion. Chaos all around. Helpless victims shriek. Innocent children cry beside their parents' dead bodies. People drown. Corpses of animals are seen floating on the flood waters. There is death and destruction everywhere. The survivors try to run. But water catches in on them, fast. With great rage, it upturns them. They fall. Water carries them away. They try to break free from its clutches. But the water slips through their hands. The rains keep falling more vigorously. Soon all is quiet. Gradually all sound of life stops and all that is left is the melodious, peaceful pitter-patter of the rains.

A crumpled piece of page floats amidst the dead bodies. Inscribed on it are the words:

"Water water everywhere
Nor a drop to drink"

P.S: I thank Payel Roy for suggesting many interesting synonyms for rain sounds, out of which I have used one in this piece.


RAY7 said...

Nice one. Reminded me of the season's first rain. :)

the silent observer said...

Haha am glad. Well the intention was quite different but as Roland Barthes has pointed out, "The Author is Dead". ;)