Wednesday, July 14, 2010


At times I wonder what is so fascinating about this virtual world- what is so enchanting about this that we leave aside all work of the real world and get entangled in the unsurmountable maze of this world's liveliness. It's a fun world where you can live your deepest fantasies, enjoy the victory which you probably hardly see in the "real" world of three dimensions. This addiction is deep, it acts as a kind of seduction. However there is one thing we forget in the midst of all this; that it is all fake, empty. Whatever happens here exists in a virtual world which is composed of our dreams, our hopes, our unfulfilled fantasies. Things we fear are lost here, the virtual world provides us with a blanket that can easily cover up all insecurities, all frustrations. But what happens when you begin to get lost in this world? What happens when you begin to take all of this for "real"? I guess you lose the connection between reality and the virtual. You begin living in a world made of dreams, made of cupcake and jelly beans; you begin living in an imaginary world. You make friends; you fall in love. And then one fine morning, the world breaks down. You can't see the pieces coz the world was all virtual, right? But it also breaks down your heart and you are left to count the pieces.

"I thought you felt it too
When there was me and you.."

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