Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cruel Intentions

"Sorry, I have to go". He pulled himself out of her embrace. 

"Why? Why can't you stay here? We'll have... fun". Her eyes pleaded.

"No. You know I can't stay here. What happened has happened. But I can't do this any more. You know it's not right." His voice was determined.

"What do you mean?" Her voice became cold suddenly.

"I know what I mean." He measured his words carefully.

"Right...All you are all so typical! 10 years and it still doesn't count, does it?" Fierce intensity was choking her voice.

"I'm sorry. But I have to go." He turned towards the door.

She restrained. "C'mon..I was kidding." she called back smiling. "We have known each other for so long. Don't we deserve even a last toast?" 

He looked back. "This is over."

Ungrateful leech. They suck and then they leave as if it's all over.

"Have you ever thought what would happen if everybody came to know about us?" Her voice was cold, calculating. She was smiling. Her eyes were steel gray.

He looked in those opaque eyes. "Look, I am trying to start a new life..."

"Without me? Aww...My Best Friend, how could you think of leaving me? You don't love me any more." She made a sad face. "But, if you leave, then I have to tell them what you did....All those nights, all those sweet remember, my dearest brother?" she smiled sweetly.

He went pale. "Don't this..." His voice was shaking.

"Aww..look at how you are shaking. See you can't prove to people how much we love each other. They'd never understand. But you and I...we don't need anybody else. We have known each other since my mother and your father met. Best friends, weren't we? You promised. Brother and Sister, Two of a Kind. Turns out our bond is stronger than theirs, isn't it?" She winked.

She went up to him and put her hand on his heart. "Your heart is beating so loudly. Come to me, my dear brother, I will take away your pain.." She kissed him.

His eyes went cold. For the first time in years. Despair.

The next morning, his body was discovered from his bedroom. He had died of an overdose of a fatal alcohol drug combination. Police discovered that the drug was Xanax which was commonly used to treat anxiety and depression.

When they were taking the body out, she looked at him pitifully. "Too bad, we could have been friends. But if you are not with me," she smiled softly, "then you better not be."


Phoenix said...

Very intense... just the way i like it!

the silent observer said...

I am kind of surprised you like it. But happy all the same. :)

Dream Peddler said...

You know what... I have read this post long back, and somehow I didnt want to comment on it, because its too dark! :-) But some how old habits die hard.. I could almost visualize what you wrote here!

btw! your blog doesn't let me use my own website link in my name. :-((

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the silent observer said...

Was this a compliment? :P

thanks anyway. :)