Saturday, January 29, 2011


I wake up on my bed. Everything is dark. I sit on my bed. It's hot. I sweat. Suddenly in the floor below I find something moving...I look down. Something slithery coils around, I try to look more clearly...A Snake?!! Here? How! I get astonished, scared. I look elsewhere, trying to find a way out. As my eyes get used to the darkness around, I see  more slimy wriggling creatures around. I am horrified. One of the creatures coil up around my bed post and try to come above. I jump out of the bed and land on the stark white marble floor. Two of the slimy creatures are moving around my feet. Small wriggly snakes. I run on to the adjacent dining room. More snakes there. S**t! I run and run but there is no place safe. No Place free of snakes. The streets are full of them. I am alone. Snakes all around me. I climb to the highest point in my room. But they find me there. They find me. I try to run. But one of the dark coils begins to roll up my sleeve, reaching my hand..... And then all is gone. 

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