Friday, April 30, 2010

Worse than Death- (II)

There are some things worse than death. She knew. She sat thinking. A hatred consumed her heart. An anger. Her love was not enough for him. But did he know that she could do anything for him? Anything? She laughed. Like a maniac! She never wanted anything from him. But she could give all she had to him. She could annihilate herself in the fire of his love. He had already taken away her power to love. She hated him for that. She could not love anyone any more now. All because of him. That deep tender feeling in her heart had turned into a brown bleeding wound. It had bled so much that she couldn't feel anything any more. It was numb. She was scared to feel the pain.

Yes, she decided. She would do that. She would annihilate herself for his love. And the best part? He wouldn't even know. He would never know! Her anger for him turned to herself, her body. She remembered about those "things". One such thing had brushed over by her when she was a child. She was terrified. But, now she decided she would feed herself to those things. Let them do things to her. Bad things. She shuddered. But she wanted to punish. She didn't know who. But she wanted to feel the terror, she wanted to feel the agony. May be that would erase the pain of this loss. Or not.

She would destroy herself. She decided. The very realization of what she was about to do made her shiver. She laughed maniacally. Yes she would do it!! No one would be able to stop her! He did not realize how much she loved him. Now she will show him what she can exactly do for him! It should be fun.

She wandered down the dark gates of Hell. Beyond those gates were the "things" waiting. There were 12 of them. They stared at her- a petite figure coming their way. They formed a semicircle. She went inside and the circle closed in on her. Their fingers were only skin and bones with long nails. They had a hood over their head. They wore long black robes. None of their faces was visible. Except their hands. Thin long hands with long fingers. That slowly laid upon her now.

The first touch. Icy. Cold. Explored her body. She shuddered. She remembered the first brush of such a "thing" when she was a child. How it had scared her then! And now there were twelve of them. Hovering around her. Touching. Exploring her. Her parts. The first fingers ran over her slowly, carefully , as if surveying the softness of a new born puppy. Soon, they increased. They went deeper and deeper into the flesh. She felt polluted. Disgusted. Would her prince come and save her now? A little flicker of hope rose up in her. May be he had realized. May be he would come. Any moment he would be here now. Please, please let him be here, she prayed!

The hands kept on exploring into still deeper crevices. She pulled her soul closer to herself. She couldn't let these pollutants corrupt her soul. But how far would she pull herself away? They turned and twisted her flesh. They gnawed, bit and sucked at her. Blood came out. They drank it. She was still alive. The pain was twitching. There was a buzzing sound in her ears. She closed her eyes. The Master asked the others to stop.

He bent down over her and slit her parts open with his hand. Blood oozed out. He drank it. She lay there, feeling enormous pain but not uttering a single sound. Then he emptied his load into her. The final nail in the coffin had been stuck. The "things" left. She just lay there, lifeless with torn shreds of garment still adorning her bloody reaped apart body. Her soul had been robbed of but she was still breathing.

He didn't come.


RAY7 said...

Petition to have this awful post removed!

the silent observer said...

Someone is spreading pure joy with infectious smiles..let me find my own and I will write brighter posts. :)