Saturday, February 19, 2011


This post is exactly what the title says. About Nothing. I have become a bit of a stoic nowadays. Nothing upsets me. Nothing disturbs me. Nothing and Nobody. I was musing about it and wondering if perhaps it was a good thing. One of my blogger friends rejoicingly said, "Perhaps? It definitely is a good thing." I was like, ":/.  Yeah Maybe."

Seen enough. Actually things don't bother me as much as people do. I love to get engrossed in things so long as I can do them in an impersonal manner. Or superficially. People, well that's a different ball game altogether. They talk and talk, one time they are hot, the other time they are cold. All my Psychology classes and I still haven't figured out how to deal with them. Magically I can deal with them when I think of their problems as 'things' and approach towards a solution. But otherwise, No Way. I have never been able to figure people out and after years of trying, I don't want to figure them out anymore. 

It's different. It's difficult. To not come out of your reserve in the twelve years of school life. And then to make a strong decision; that you have to mingle with people; see what they are like. Stop being unsocial. But of course, it would never be easy. But you try anyway. People judge you from a distance, look at you with suspicion, and then approach you with trembling steps. It's funny, in a way.

So you find new friends. But it is not easy. But then which things in life are? But they make you come face to face with a question; Why can't human beings be as simple as animals? Life would have been simpler..nicer, probably better. I have mentioned in other posts, how unable I am to understand human beings. I don't blame them. They are what they are. But I am not going to get attached to them any more. I have had enough. And somehow, this indifference does seem better. Life stays peaceful. An intoxication perhaps. But it is better than nonsensical complications. 


Vee said...

This happens to me in cycles. At times I get into this 'indifferent' and 'unsociable' mode for a few things until I get myself to put a thinking hat and realize what I had achieved or not by getting into this mode. And then, life goes back to normal until something effects me and grabs me back into nothingness.

Vijayakrishna said...

Humans are born innocent. The initial years of a human being are spent like an animal - free, happy, careless and more importantly, innocent. Then the society is what loads the child with all the poison and makes him/her what he/she becomes.

I'd always suggest and advocate my friends and acquaintances to be individualistic, self-driven and decide for themselves - no fear or following of religion, society, family etc. We just need to do what's right for us without hurting others and then learn from our actions. That's the only way out!

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