Friday, February 18, 2011

The Orator

He gets on bus and stares around. A wave of indifferent faces sit in two separate columns stretching the length of the bus. The space in between these two columns is somewhat filled by office and college going passengers struggling to get a firm hold in the lazily moving vehicle. Today he had to make a good sale. His money was stuck up on the pile of unsold goods that he was now holding. With a quick sweep of gaze towards the passengers, he begins:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, you might have been seeing a lot of hawkers who sell unwanted stuff. But this is something you have never come across. Something that you will really need. The World Cup's coming and it is important to have a schedule of the matches. It helps if it is put together in a book and is handy. So here, I have a book for you. It contains the daily schedule of all the matches happening this World Cup. If you buy this from any shop, you will have to pay at least twelve rupees. But if you buy from me, you can get it for only two rupees. Here have a look at it. If you like it, well then this one's for you."

He approaches some of the passengers sitting in front, specially the men. They take a look at it and then turn away. He approaches some other passengers but they refuse to even look at him, acknowledge his presence. He comes up to this insignificant writer but even she turns away. With one last glance at the bus full of middle class students and officers, he quietly gets down at the next stop, his head bowed down.


RAY7 said...

:( Touching.

the silent observer said...

But round and round do things go..and history keeps on repeating itself.