Thursday, February 24, 2011

She Be The One (I)

They met. They talked. He was witty and smart. She was simple, lovable. They chatted for hours.
And they fell in love?
Naah...They hated each other.

Enrique: Hey Trish, how r u?
Trisha: I'm fine, Enrique. How are u?
Enrique: am grt! so have u spoiled any1 else's brand new shirt yet? :D
Trisha: What? I told you Enrique, that was JUST ONE TIME. 
Enrique: sure.. sure. so have u sneezed on any1 else 2day?
Trisha: That's it. I'm going.
Nightcrawler: Hey Trisha, 'ssup?
Trisha: Everything was fine NC until I came here!
Nightcrawler: Eh..
                     Lemme read. 
                     Oh..Haha. Hey Enrique stop bothering this nice girl here.
Enrique: not my fault, nc..she cracks me up! :D
Nightcrawler: *controls laugh* Nah..apologize.
Enrique: okay..sowyy trisha *makes puppy eyes*
Trisha: Oh..Okay.
Enrique: Sure? *persistent puppy eyes*
Trisha: Yeah..It's fine. :)
Enrique: good..coz I was beginning to think that you would unleash your phlegmatic powers on me! :D :D
Trisha: !!!!! ?????
Enrique: :D 
Trisha: :X
           Ok that's it. I'm out of here.
Enrique: *persistent puppy eyes*
Trisha: @$$^&*!

Trisha has logged off.

Enrique: :( 
Nightcrawler: :P u are lucky she was not in front of u. Or else u'd be in trble!
Enrique: Haha.. she's a sweet kid.
Nightcralwer: So she sneezed on somebody?
Enrique: On her Boss. During a Presentation. :D
Nightcrawler: :O omg!
Enrique: She was nervous.

A few days later.

Enrique: Hey nc.
Nightcrawler: Hey Enrique, 'ssup?
Enrique: nuthn' much..bored.
Nightcrawler: aww..I know why. :P
Enrique: huh..why
Nightcrawler: She's not here. :P
Enrique: who?
Nightcrawler: u know, your girl...
Enrique: Which one? :P
Nightcrawler: You know, the one from India...
Enrique: :/
Nightcrawler: So you attending the international chat forum meet next month?
Enrique: eh...dunno. 
Nightcrawler: u know, she might be there... ;)
Enrique: who again?
Nightcrawler: oh..c' know who.....
Enrique: well, am a bit busy. have to do a lot of work. let's c

Nightcrawler has logged off.

Enrique: oh shoot... at least tell me where the meeting is taking place.!

Next month. Spain. Madrid.

The Hotel Villa de Vincci was one of the most renowned hotels of the city. The registered members of the International Chat Forum were to meet at a special event tonight. The ICF had thought this would be a great idea for the members to interact one on one; some of them had known each other for over a year. The members were supposed to wear a tag of their nick so that the others could identify them.

Trisha aka Akangsha had come to Madrid for the first time, exclusively to attend the seminar. Just the seminar? Well we don't know yet. At least that's what she said to her conservative parents before flying off solo to Madrid. Her uncle stayed there so her parents had to agree reluctantly. Akangsha knew however that without her uncle, her parents would have never agreed.

"So exactly where is this meet?" Her uncle had asked her when she arrived.

"It's just near Puerta Del Sol... you know there is a monument and a's walking distance to the old Post Office..." she mumbled.

" use throwing these names to me, I have been here for ten years. I'm not leaving you alone in an unknown city. After all, you are my responsibility now. What will didi- jijaji think? I will ask the driver to drop you. And he will be present to pick you up when you are done." He was firm.

Trisha sighed. And here she thought she would get the chance to roam an unknown city alone. What an adventure it would have been! :(

Elsewhere in the city.

A dark small one bedroomed flat. An alarm clock rang heavily.

A long hand lazily came out of the blanket and thumped the clock shut. It picked up the clock and pulled it under the blanket.

"Oh shit I'm late!" A cry of disbelief came as the blanket was thrown away. A half naked figure crept up. He was tall, fair, had hazel eyes and dark curly hair. "I don't wanna be late..may be she'll be there.." 

Enrique aka Aaron was a late riser, an even late sleeper but brilliant in making computer games. He composed himself. What? No no. He was going for the thrill. Right?

He looked at the mirror opposite his bed. Sleepy eyes stared back at him.

He got up and proceeded to be ready. Tonight he had to look his best.

                                                                                                           (to be continued)


PsycheBubbles said...

very intriguing! Nice narration! :)

the silent observer said...

thanks a lot.. it's not complete thought.