Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Abyss

The hole was big and black. Muddy, rough around the edges. Gushing rain broke it down deeper into an abyss. Silent and unfeeling, it was invisible to innocent eyes. And empty.

Like a black hole, it gaped and grabbed every inch of joy, every ray of hope that came near it. A soul sucking demon, it attracted only death. In time, it grew bigger and bigger but still nobody saw it. But there it was, the after-effects.

She withered like a perished petal, faded as the dying rays of a dusky sun. Everyone wondered.

The hole, after all, was in her soul. 


Ajesh said...

Though I enjoyed reading this but you made me sad! Strong emotions, bewilderment, and a desperation... all these together made this a classic one. :)

Trisha.. said...

Thanks ajesh. :)