Sunday, June 30, 2013

Much Ado..

He's worn black today.

"Black makes him look hot."

"Compliment him".

"No, we fought. How dare he?"

"He's so hot".

"Tell him, tell him".

"His voice is lovely, isn't it? And when he wears his sunglasses and trots off strutting his stuff...."

"Tell him, tell him".

He comes, takes one look at her, and proceeds to his friends who are sitting next to her.

"Look at his physique."

"That body...."

"Tell him..."

"Tell him what?" She frustratingly asks.

"Tell him he's hot."

She proceeds towards him. He stares at her with his piercing eyes.

"You are hot tempered", she loudly opines.

"I'm sorry, what?" He comes close to her.

"Ye...ess.. you fight all the time!" She mumbles...a little loudly.

"Well you know what", he stammers, "that's my style". And walks off like the hero of a Tamil film. Background scores play inside his head but she can hear them. 


"Yes, he's such a..."

"Not him, you!"

"What? What did I do?"

"We are off. Hasta luego."

"Wait.. don't go. What if I have to talk to him again?"

But they did not reply. The voices in her head retreated. She would too if she could.

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