Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hurray its 2010!

Hurray it's 2010! Dance around everyone..pretend to be happy..pose for the camera....Even if you are dying inside, make a smiling least for the camera folks..

Rage, hurt, despair, these are the emotions engulfing me now.I guess I will just take a chill pill, what say folks? After all, that is all you need to enjoy life..Chilling.

Now now my readers might be wondering what the enormous burst of sarcasm for? They just expect innocent good little honest posts from my blog. But a little bit of sarcasm is not bad all the time, what say? After all when everyone is enjoying and no one is forcing you to do anything (or anybody), why the sadness? Why the despair? You take your own decisions right? The only way people take advantage of you is when you allow them to. Right? We are all "modern" individuals here. We take our own decisions, we do not let anything bad happen to us and if we are not happy with ourselves- it is our fault! C'mon welcome life with wide open arms, and life will welcome you. What are you sad for? What are you hurt for? Everyone keep smiling in the land of God, opportunities..blah blah

And don't let anyone see your tears, or feel your fears, coz they won't understand. They never do, do they? You pretend to be happy and they are all over you. You show your vulnerabilities and they either take advantage of you or glorify themselves at your expense. Marvelous, isn't it? What a pretty little world with pretty little people! Small minds, small hearts. You are weak, you can't take the brutal force of life, so you do not have any right to participate in the rat race (are you a rat btw?) You worry too much, you are too sensitive, you are not fit for today's world. Be strong, be independent. Give your best. Don't depend on people too much. Has anyone ever told them that animals are much better than human beings?

They do not want you to be like them, they accept you the way you are. I know now why I was always a misfit among human beings. Unsocial, selfish- I am not new to these words. May be it's for the best. Get your work done, trample these little insects and show their rightful place to where they really belong. Coz that's what human beings are there for- to be taken advantage of. Be strong, be independent.

This new year I take a resolution, I will trample as many of these little insects as I can, take advantage of them, show their rightful place. Nice hobby it will be. Business and pleasure both achieved all at once! As they say, the wolf in disguise is more dangerous than the tiger in front of you. ;)

Till then, SSshhhhh.....Don't tell anyone!


RAY7 said...

Gawd...what happened to you? :-/

the silent observer said...

claws and nails coming out, lol :P