Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Discourse on the Relative Comparison of Humans and Animals

It's at times like these, when you wonder what's wrong with you. Does the fault lie with people or with you? Surely everyone cannot be wrong. What is it then? May be everything should not be taken seriously? But what do you do when you feel bad? Feelings are not justified or unjustified; feelings are..just what they are, feelings. Why do people hurt you deliberately? May be..the fault is with me. May be I am the one who should stop mixing with humans. I don't understand them; I can't fathom what they want. And I CAN'T be a hypocrite! That is one thing you need to be an expert in if you want to be a sociable, approachable human. I am better with animals. The problem of language does not exist there. With animals, you don't need to speak. Fancy all formalist and structuralist theory would hold no ground in the animal kingdom! Coz they can't speak. They have their own communication system- sounds, touch. You don't even need to speak to them to "talk" to them! Eyes are enough.

Sometimes I ask myself, is it really worth it? The pain I mean. Dunno.

But one thing I know...and that is I can't stand it any more. Slowly but surely the wall of patience is crumbling down.


Rajlakshmi said...

With animals its the language of love, while wit humans we speak through our brains. We try to be witty, smart, interesting... And maybe thats where we dnt connect. Very interesting views.

Kabya said...

wonderful likes likes it!!!! atleast i'm not confused this time..its crystal clear...i used to talk to a dog...and he/she used to understand what i said....frnds used to laugh....but now I can understand...I had a better connection with mojojo(the dog) ..atleast it never bugged me..when i was already pissed off!!!!! actually i think...communication with animals are in a complete different frequency........*dimag ki batti jal gaya*...i think i invented something...i'll blog it....keep your eyes at the space!!!!

the silent observer said...

@rajlakhshmi: thanks. :)

@akash: thanks for liking this post, for understanding my views. Few people ever get such dark genre posts. :)