Thursday, March 25, 2010


Idealism. Petty sick idealism. What efforts we go to to live up to our ideal self! Follow our principles, our values. But what happens when we find that our values have no value? That we are all running after some thing that does not hold importance. You might ask, importance for whom?

Aren't our values important to us because of which we decide to follow them in the first place? But when you see people you like, your near and dear ones, succumbing to the age old commercialization, what do you do? Do you rigidly keep on following your "age old" values? Or do you stop? Flow with the wind?

We have always heard that beauty is not skin deep. We have always heard that money does not make a man. His character does. So what if you try to follow them in your life? You learn that you are not good enough because you do not fit in the characteristic convention of "Beauty" as it goes now.

You learn that you have worth, that you are important only when you have money to boast of. Relationships, values all tend to get commercialized. Do you change your values? Or do you fight? Happiness after all is not more important than our values. And if the people who constitute our happiness seem to change, why can't we be a little more flexible?

Moreover we should remember that just because we try to live up to our ideal self does not mean that everybody, even our close ones will. But is this realization enough to survive? To be happy? What about all those "unrealistic" expectations you had of your near and dear ones? Let's say you are crestfallen. You have two choices. Either you give up or you continue to fight this mad war against the whole community alone. What if there is a third choice?

As Post-colonial Literature would point out, why not use the master's tools to capture him? Like Caliban did to Prospero. What if you become part of the system to change or at least prove the system wrong? Like how about you become "attractive" to show that beauty is not skin deep. Like you earn money to show that money is not more important than relationships. How about it?

You might prove the whole world wrong, the whole system wrong. But can you find it in your heart to forgive those closed ones who left you once because you did not have what the world, the society considered important? Can realization help you? Time will tell.

But as they say, Revenge is Sweet.

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