Friday, March 26, 2010

Oedipus and The Human Condition

And here I am jumbling meaningless sh*t again, for no fault of mine. Oedipus Tyrannos- a fascinating text. Sir taught about the human condition today- precarious and unpredictable. So why does Oedipus go on searching for the truth when blissful ignorance surrounds him? Why do I take responsibility of a matter when there is nothing I can do about it? But you know what's more incredible? The human condition. The fact that people become so defensive when you hit (however unwittingly) at a person's soft spot.

A likes C. A tells that to B. B talks to D and says that A cares for C a lot. D says that to A. A feels bad. A accuses B of breaking A's trust. B tries to explain. B calls D up immediately and asks D to explain things to A. But A refuses to listen. Just plain listen. Even with the phone on, loudspeaker on, A refuses to listen.

Why does A refuse to listen? Does B feel bad? Don't ask me, ask them.

B has own insecurities. Like Oedipus, B has sworn to find the truth. B has to protect her reputation. B has to normalize her friendship with A. B can't let A talk bad about her in public. B is shy. B is scared. B, in one word, is a coward, afraid of people and what they say. But what about A?

Why is A so defensive? Isn't C just a friend? Why mind so much even if someone talks about it? Aah..friendship. A terrible thing. You know someone for ages. Sat beside him. Attended countless lectures. Looked into his eyes. Seen his loneliness. Why can't he be a little more matured? Why doesn't he see he's my best friend? Such an obnoxious childish fellow! Can't he see he hurts me so much by his indifference, his arrogance? Imbecile! Look at what you have done! Now others are saying I am obsessing about you! My friends think I talk of you all the time. What do they know? You are the one at fault. Not me! How dare they talk about me like this? And how dare, you, YOU of all people hurt me like this? Don't you know I miss you? Can't you see I HATE YOU?

P.S: All characters in this post are fictitious and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. :P


Rajlakshmi said...

what an explaination on the very common human condition :P i almost got lost between the circle of A B and C :P
interesting post :)

RAY7 said...

Very intelligent and unique post. Your best yet. Have never read anything like it. A,B,C,D was a little confusing (I prefer X,Y,Z you see) and I "almost" gave up trying to guess the inspiration (if at all) behind the characters.
Interesting. Well done. If I come up with something similar in my next post please don't sue me of plagiarism. Am only greatly inspired!

the silent observer said...

haha @all: Yes even I got confused trying to tackle the four characters (or alphabets?). If it has been confusing for me, I can only guess the plight of my poor readers! Thanks for the compliments! :D

Kabya said...

:O a likes c..and tells that to b..and then b tells it to d...*nods his head in desperation*...why didn't you use a few more alphabets...:-P a wonderful post though...had to read it more patiently the third time to get the a,b,c,d relation....never thought the human condition is so complex..

the silent observer said...

@akash: ha ha ha, let's see next time, I will use more alphabets! Thanks for the kind comment. Yup, the "human condition" is complex after all. :D