Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My First Steam Bath..... and May be the Last One Too!

For those of you who have been to steam baths, don't laugh. I had my first steam bath experience recently. Now I don't really do well with hotness, fire and all of those things. A very timid person by nature, I however also have a taste for the unknown, the adventurous.

Now you can well guess what it comes to when you have such a combination of both extremes in a person. It is always "To be or not to be", that is the eternal question. So after many days of hesitation I finally picked up the courage to take a free steam bath that I had on my gym receipt.

Enter the steam room. Smoke, smoke, smoke everywhere! I was scared it might be a fire! My first instinct was to run. But, I am brave, Brave girls don't run. Shit. I tried to recollect all the good things told to me about steam. Your face would glow, fat would be shed, blah blah blah! Who cares? How do I breathe? There is no oxygen mask here. Probably they should have kept one here.

So I open the door and peep outside to catch my breath. Again I close the door. Steam is supposed to be good, I tell myself. Therefore suffer in silence. Suddenly there is an abrupt noise. The steam stops completely. I get scared. What now? It resumes again after a short while. Accha ok, so this is how it goes. After three such intervals, I decide I have had enough of "Hotness". So consoling my mind about the few hundred pounds I had shed (:P) and the new "glow" on my face, I come out of the steam room.

P.S: A word of caution for all of you who have never been inside a steam room: It is literally STEAM! It is hot and it is water. It is not smoke, there is no fire. But don't forget to take oxygen masks while you are inside! :P

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