Monday, March 29, 2010

Jealousy and Pets

I saw Black Beauty today. And I cried..again like the several times I had when I read the book. Think I am a sissy? Be my guest. I don't care. The fact is that I can't understand that how can people be so cruel with animals?

Was reading Maneka Gandhi's article that day. A recent survey has found out that animals display secondary emotions like jealousy. Before scientists only believed that animals were capable of displaying only primary emotions like love and sadness. Huh, this is by far the stupidest survey I have come across. Any one who has lived with animals knows that they are capable of showing most or even all of the emotions humans display.

Jealousy for instance, is a primary emotion found in animals. When they see other animals being showered with more affection than they are, they are invariably jealous. Starting from monkeys to dogs, every animal shows this emotion. Gandhi talked about one particular instant where a friend of hers got home a monkey to rid herself of the void when her husband went to army. This monkey became a close companion of hers.

When the husband returned after a war injury, the monkey became very jealous. It used to display all signs of jealousy and even attack her husband. This went on till the husband gave his wife a choice on to choose any one of them. The infuriated wife at the stupidity of the choice, chose the monkey over the husband. The husband left with their child. A month later, the monkey died and the lady committed suicide.

Sad case, but it is the truth. It has been seen that pets do feel threatened when they see their owners paying more attention to somebody else; this some other body can be another pet or even a human. Pets are way more sensitive than humans and even if you try to hide something from them, sooner or later they will come to know of it. Bottom line, don't mess with your pets! We think they don't understand things but their sense of perception is far bigger than ours.

Take Care and Love your Pet.


Kabya said...

very thought provoking post..i got answer to my break-up last month...animals indeed show signs of jealousy....illogical jealousy!!! :-P Should always be handled with the monkey...:-/

the silent observer said...

hehe yeah it is kinda funny..but animals are like children and like them, they are at times illogical and need to be protected from our straight logic.