Sunday, April 25, 2010

Badmaash Company- A "Normal" Post..At Last!

Time for another post. I know I am writing an awful lot of posts nowadays and that too with little gap in between, but these thoughts keep clouding my head and unless I put them on paper, I find it difficult to function "normally". Well I find it difficult to function normally even if I put thoughts on paper but then that's just me being normal! Anyways I think I should stop the discourse on normality and continue with the "normal" post. This post yes, it is normal. But it is not about Shahid! Yay! Finally I am writing a post on Shahid's film but it is not about him. I am finally bringing my critical mind into his films! Great achievement, wouldn't you say? :D

So Badmaash Company looks like a mixture of Yes Boss and Bunty Aur Babli. The educated unemployed Indian youth on the way for a shortcut to his dreams. In the process, he finds out that the shortest way may not always be the "right" way. I have an ethical problem with such films. I liked Yes Boss a lot; in fact it is one of my favorite movies till date. I did not like Bunty Aur Babli (I am guessing Abhishek Bachchan had something to do with it). Badmaash Company...Well it's too soon to tell. And please don't think that just because I am marrying Shahid so I will support every film he does. As they say, your most ardent well wishers are your worst critics. ;)

So yeah (boy, you guys really make me talk a lot!), my ethical problem lies in the fact that these films portray a lot of riches. It's like "The Great American Dream"; you can have as much as you want. Personally I think there should be a balance to everything. But these films try to show that nothing is enough; there is always that hankering for more, more and even more. More of money, more of sex, more of violence. I dunno I never kinda liked it. In some spiritual discourses like Tantric Buddhism, they rely on this "hankering for more" until you get fed up of mundane wishes and finally decide to give up material life altogether. I kinda always got fed up when I received what I wanted. As they say, the chase of the game is much more than the joy of possessing it. I agree there is a certain happiness, a satisfaction is getting something you have always dreamed of, but how long before eternal boredom strikes again?

Sometimes I wonder, is it the same in case of relationships? Do we begin to take each other for granted after a while?

P.S: Told you it was going to be a "normal" post! Howzzat! :P

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