Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ghost of Christmas Past

I had a dream about you today. Fancy after all these years, you would come to haunt me in my sleep once again! Lol. But it was nice. Seeing you again, a very clear picture of yours as I haven't seen in years to come. Reminded me of the good ol' school days. Their memories. The first time. The first love. Wonder how you of all people managed to do it? I was in my own little world worried about marks and studies and my career plans when all of a sudden you come with your cute face and charming smile and blow me away! God, so impractical!Yet so beautiful!

How could I fall in love? Love was meant for suckers and losers and I was a winner all the way. Couldn't waste my time over this!You came like a breath of fresh air in my little calculated life and upturned all numbers. This was not supposed to happen! All my life I have set foot in carefully measured steps not taking one step before knowing the result. Yours was like a step out of place.

I don't understand when people ask me why I didn't tell you. There was nothing to tell. The initial shock was too big for me. I couldn't believe I had fallen head over heels in love! No I couldn't. This was against my calculations. And that too with you? God had to be kidding me! I remember the countless nights and days I spent praying to God to cure me of you. Yes, you were a disease that I had to cure. Reminds me of the lines of Rehab by Rihanna. Lol.

Days pass by, years pass by. And even before I realize it, close to a decade has passed. And I have loved you all this while. Strange huh? Took me five years to realize that I could actually fall in love, that too with you. I don't mean that you were bad, I just mean that we were grossly different. The rest of the four years were spent in memories, sometimes happy, sometimes not so happy. But you did something no one else has ever done or will ever be able to do again.

You made me realize what love is. I know I sound like one of those stupid people in love but it is true that love makes the world go round for me. If there is anything that helps me to keep going in my mundane life, it is love. Love is the inventory from which I draw my sustenance for the dreary, sometimes not so exciting real life. And this love does not mean possessing or actually telling you what I feel; it simply means getting lost in the land of the beautiful, the lovely, the ethereal and the passionate. I owe this to you; will forever owe it to you. You taught me that..Love is Life. Thank You.

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