Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lovestruck ;)

Seems all strange now. A distant call. A careless whisper of the breeze. Rustle of the leaves. Kiss of sky on the horizon. Faint light. Skylight. Have you seen skylight on a moonless night? It is faint blue in color. Stars twinkling in the distance. Asleep the whole world on the cradle of earth. And you awake. Beside the windowsill. Or on the rooftop. Dreaming. About the one. About that stranger. He comes up from behind and whispers in your ear. You turn around. No one. Realize it was the wind teasing you. You look towards the horizon. The faint blue horizon. Closely built buildings obstruct your view. You yearn to look beyond them. To see the future. There you see, both of you together. But there are no faces. You only see the backs. Dark against the faint blue night sky. Yours with flowing long hair, his hair short. That's as much as you can see. And yet, you yearn to know more. But the other side wants to know no more. May be this is enough. Imagining the two together on a moonless night. But the devilish side rebels. "You want more, you know that!" It coaxes. Seduces you. And you get lost in its maze. Soon you lose yourself in its captivating torrent. A whirlwind of emotions, a flood of passion. Your angelic side warns you, "But he is just a stranger..." The devilish side persuades, "Indulge." You know your angelic side is right. But the devilish side is stronger, overpowering. You indulge... in the dreams. Fervor. Rapture. Ecstasy. But he remains a stranger. Still a stranger.


RAY7 said...

Waiting for the stranger to come into the light. Nice!!

the silent observer said...

ah..but it is a is never real!