Saturday, April 17, 2010


A feeling of relief. A void engulfed me all these years. A void I had been living with. Finally that void is gone. I feel happy. I feel relaxed. So he too had liked me. Appreciated me. Cared for me all along. Noticed those small things. Remembered stuff even I hadn't noticed. And all this while, I thought it was impossible. All this while I thought it had been an illusion. He could never like me. He probably didn't even notice me. But he had. Noticed everything. Knew what I felt. And yes I got a whole list of lecture. Making him wait for nine years. Me waiting for nine years. But not telling him. Lol. But it was sweet. Coming from him. I don't know what to write. Except that the cloud of pessimism which had surrounded me since childhood has been removed. I see clear sky now. And the sun light. Days are warm, sweet, tender. I no more like to get lost in the crowd, in the dark. I still like darkness but I also realize light. Those nine years. They had not been wasted in vain. Patience surely does pay. And I am no more scared of light... :)

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