Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tintoretor Jishu's been such a long while since I had watched a Feluda movie. I hated Bombaiyer Bombetey; found it monotonous and boring. But today I saw Tintoretor Jishu. It was looovveeelllyyy! Goenda Pradosh Mitter is back! What style! What restraint! What voice! What personality! Abar notun kore jyano feludar fan hoye gelam..It had been such a long while since I had read the book. The film was much better than the bloody ghoulish action movies they show in Hollywood! Aah...I guess we Bangalis always have a soft spot for indigenous material..whether it be food, music, movies or even...cricketer! I really liked the presentation of the movie. Oddly enough I am reminded of Christian Bale in Equilibrium while talking about Sabyasachi's restraint! And before you bring my attention to the line above, "No, Equilibrium is not a B-Grade bloody ghoulish Hollywood action movie, it is pure genius!" Bale's best work till date! Anyways this post is about a Bangla movie, a refreshing change from Hollywood and Bollywood movies so let's only talk of the Bangla movie here. As they wanted to preserve the original flavor of Feluda, so they kept him away from mobiles and computers. Feluda knows how to handle these things but he does not use them most of the time. I should say that gave a very contemporary vibe to the movie while preserving its original flavor! Feluda relies more on his "Mogojastro" rather than physicality to solve his crimes. But this was changed in the movie. And my dear Feluda is so apt and so agile in the fight sequences...I am thinking of thinking of him romantically. Difficult since you have grown up with him as FeluDADA but hey, what the heck, right? ;) Ahh..Joy Bangla! Kotodin baade akta bhalo Bangla chobi dekhlam! Wish more such films would come our way.

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