Monday, March 21, 2011


So worthless. So lonely. What's the use of all the achievements in the world if you don't have people to love you? So futile. Are you that undeserving? That people leave whenever they come close to you. Are you like some sort of jinx that destroys everything it touches? What's the point. You keep on asking yourself. What is the point? Of relationships, feelings. Coz people, even animals you love are going to leave you anyway. Now sitting like a zombie beyond 2:30 am, watching an episode of The Simpsons. Sarcasm, pessimism, but how far can you appreciate the humor? And all you need is someone to care for you. How desperate. How utterly shameful. How despicable. You are but a person of contradictions. It's not that bad, you hope. But so unfit. And retarded. And demented.

A bit of Toby Maguire sure seems to cheer you up. I wish I was Spiderman. Unfortunately I am Invisible. I wish I was not. 

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