Thursday, March 24, 2011


A smile on my face
Is what you graciously place
A passion so dark
It would make your heart black.

Can you take me?
You think you can
But you never can
Never ever can.

The darkness is overwhelming
It would blind your eyes
And you would run away
As everyone else.

You think you can handle me
Comfort me with your light
You think I'm cute
As harmless as a dove

I smile at your confidence
And praise your courage
But huney, you are but just a guy
A harmless little guy.

And while I welcome the night
Worship it with vigor
I know you long for the day
And wish it gets bigger

The darkness gives me powers
I am no angel
Demon- am I?
May be, may be not.

I love the night
Its awe-inspiring charm
Daylight does not excite me
But therein you are free

You say you are dark
I doubt it.
See another smile just spread
My face just lit.

I stand at the edge of a mountain
And look below
Nature with Her green bosom
Beckons me.

And asks me to follow
I look at Her straight in the eye
And fly down
Like a bird.
In her green bosom, my cradle of birth
Can you do that?

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