Tuesday, March 29, 2011


She sits by the window
A silent grieving figure
Her hair in thick black tresses
That fall to the floor

Her eyes search for something
The dusky shadows outside
Play with her hope
Love and longing.

'I won't forgive him', she thinks
Leaving me alone like that
What did he possibly think?

Let him come, I'll wait
Even if he cries I won't forget
And I thought of a thousand things to say
I'll say, come what may...

Night came with glowing tender arms
Twinkling stars held Her glance
I waited, thinking of what to do

He was never good with time
Doesn't he care for me even a dime?

A thousand things I have to say
A million whispers, the warmth of May
I thought of his tender touch, his caring eyes
And of our lovelorn days
Filled with my tears and my gaze.

The stars go to bed one by one
He was never good with time
And waiting's no fun!
It's too late to apologize, he should realize
God Dammit, where the hell is he?

I notice there is no moon
Never has been one
Strikes me a bit, but I wait
Moonlight walks, hand in hand
A little smile, in our fairy land.

Very very angry, let him come
Did he see the time?
Dawn wakes up, birds smile
I sit there....
Waiting for what's truly mine

P.S: I was inspired by the song "Apologize" by Timbaland feat One Republic for this poem.


subtlescribbler said...

hie! a very thoughtfully and beautifully penned work! liked it..
PS : u need to work a bit on the design of ur blog, try n use contrasting and lighter colours for the background, this will make the content more visible and less distracting. hope u understand. keep blogging :)


the silent observer said...

thanks sarah..glad that you liked it. :)