Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A little egg breaks
An even smaller head
Slowly raises itself
Towards sunlight.

Tiny eyes, black dots
Hope springs forth
And on a soft jelly body
It begins its journey.

Wriggling slowly but steadily
A little green worm
Passes by green mulberry leaves
On its way to become a butterfly

A tiny dew
Drenches it.
Oh no, it stops.
Lets the drop fall aside
And carries on forth

Nothing can stop it now
The sun, the dew, the wind
Are willing allies
To its fragile one-track mind.

The wind blows it away
A little fear of the unknown
But forward and forward it wriggles
Until something smashes it down.

It looks a little to the back
Its stomach, now a pile of semisolid mass
Pasted to the road.

Yet, it tries to move forward.
It pains immensely.
But the little worm carries on
Its tiny eyes- two black dots.

With immense determination
It pulls its leftover body out
The tormenting pain asks it to give in
Against all odds, it moves on

The thick viscous liquid
Starts flowing from its stomach
It tries but cannot move.
Dreams of mulberry leaves
Fills its little eyes with tears.

Suddenly a big tongue flaps out
Something like glue.
And the little bright worm
Is gobbled by a lizard
Waiting on a cue. 

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