Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Kill

Blood - the smell
Blood - the color
Blood - the feel
Have you ever tasted blood?

The cries of the victims
As they shout for forgiveness
The thrill, the enchantment
As I hold my knife
Down their bodies.

Strapped to the table
Each subject, an experiment
My little knife pierces them
Part by part.

They shriek, their eyes bleed
Of water.
They think I'm a monster
But don't they see what I see, 
The madness, the intoxication
The terrible fascination?

Food, sleep, shelter
Are what a man needs
I but need
Blood of others, to live.

Warm oozing spirited
The blood drips off
I stare at it with dreamy eyes
And my heart beats
With a  spark.

I am very clean
Allergic to dirt
My temple- a sanctum
Dust spoils the thickness of blood.

People live to eat
I live to kill
We are all but hungry
What's the big deal?

Blood beckons me
Charms me with its zeal
I like my meat alive
A piece of strapped veal.

They cry and cry
Pray for one last chance
But my hands are tied
I am helpless at their glance.

I can only have my fill
When cutting them slowly, part by part
I kill.

P.S: My tribute to Dexter.

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