Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Standing over six feet tall
Your eyes two specks
Your childish manner
Your sweet gaze

The way you always helped people
Your soothing voice
When you ran around teasing people
And brightened their days.

I steered clear of you
Your height was scary
I had never appreciated taller guys
But I appreciated you.

The time when you talked to me
When others were busy making fun
The time when you took the fall
For a mischief of another one

A courageous interior
Hid behind a soft smiling exterior
A will to help
A passion to flirt
Girls and affairs
Those critics
All that has changed now, huh?

I hear you have become serious
And smart. And studious
And aloof from "friends".
I wonder what that means

Was it the school?
The teachers, the "friends"?

But I don't know, I never knew
I'm just a silent observer
Standing at a distance
Appreciating you.

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